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Version: v6

State Plugin

The StreamStatePluginFactory has been separated from the StreamOfflinePluginFactory and now exists as a distinct, independent plugin factory. This deliberate decision allows for better modularity and independent control over each plugin's functionalities.

Some flags, such as backgroundSyncEnabled and userPresence of the offline plugin's Config have been migrated to StatePluginConfig:



// Enables the background sync which is performed to sync user actions done without the Internet connection.
backgroundSyncEnabled = true,
// Enables the ability to receive information about user activity such as last active date and if they are online right now.
userPresence = true,


// Enable background sync which syncs user actions performed while offline
boolean backgroundSyncEnabled = true;
// Enable tracking online states for users
boolean userPresence = true;

StreamStatePluginFactory statePluginFactory = new StreamStatePluginFactory(
new StatePluginConfig(

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