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Version: v6


You can customize how certain pieces of information are formatted by the SDK.

Formatting Dates

Overriding the DateFormatter allows you to change the way dates are formatted in the application:

ChatUI.dateFormatter = object: DateFormatter {
private val dateFormat: DateFormat = SimpleDateFormat("dd/MM/yyyy")
private val timeFormat: DateFormat = SimpleDateFormat("HH:mm")

override fun formatDate(date: Date?): String {
date ?: return ""
return dateFormat.format(date)

override fun formatTime(date: Date?): String {
date ?: return ""
return timeFormat.format(date)
ChatUI.setDateFormatter(new DateFormatter() {
private final DateFormat dateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("dd/MM/yyyy");
private final DateFormat timeFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("HH:mm");

public String formatDate(Date date) {
// Provide a way to format Date
return dateFormat.format(date);

public String formatTime(Date date) {
// Provide a way to format Time
return timeFormat.format(date);

Formatting Channel Names

You can customize the way channel names are formatted by overriding the default ChannelNameFormatter:

ChatUI.channelNameFormatter = ChannelNameFormatter { channel, currentUser ->
ChatUI.setChannelNameFormatter((channel, currentUser) -> channel.getName());


The SDK provides a standalone Markdown module stream-chat-android-markdown-transformer that contains MarkdownTextTransformer which is an implementation of ChatMessageTextTransformer. It uses the Markwon library internally.

ChatUI.messageTextTransformer = MarkdownTextTransformer(context)
ChatUI.setMessageTextTransformer(new MarkdownTextTransformer(context));

If you use MarkdownTextTransformer, don't use android:autoLink attribute because it'll break the markdown Linkify implementation.

Then the SDK will parse Markdown automatically:

Markdown Input in the Message ComposerMessage with Markdown in the Message List
Markdown Input in the Message ComposerMarkdown Message in the Message List

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