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Chat UI Kits + SDK Sample Apps for building in-app mobile chat.

Free for Makers

Free for Makers

If your company has five or less team members, less than $10k in monthly revenue and have taken less than $100k in funding, Stream is free/gratis/complimentary. Get started with your Maker Account today - availability is limited!


Mobile Chat UI Kits

50+ polished screens coalesce into mapped-out flows that allow you and your team to jump in and quickly create your own custom mobile chat app.

Download Kits

Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, 170MB

In-app chat requires a tremendous amount of engineering resources, and if I were building an app today or advising other companies out there, I’d highly recommend partnering with an outside service or vendor to help alleviate what is undeniably complicated development work.

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Francie Zant

Director of UX, OfferUp

Mobile Chat Sample Apps

Developers: This chat framework is built to spec from the UI kits. These full-fledged sample apps give an end-to-end, feature-rich chat experience ready for you to learn from and use for your own project.

Flutter Chat Kit

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React Native Chat Kit

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Android Chat Kit

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Stream’s SDKs provide out-of-the-box functionality and customization to cut development time meaningfully without sacrificing on design or interactivity.

React Native Dev

Neil Hannah

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