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Chat Pricing

  • 10K MAU
  • 25K MAU
  • 50K MAU

Free for Maker

$100 monthly free credit for makers. If your project/company has less than 5 team members and less than $10k in monthly revenue, Stream is free/gratis/complimentary. Get started with your Maker Account today – availability is limited!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's an MAU?

MAUs are defined as any user that connected to chat in the last calendar month. If you show chat to all users of your app, your Stream Chat MAU will equal your total user base. If Chat is more hidden as a feature, your Stream Chat MAU will likely be a subset of your total user base.

What's a concurrent connection?

Peak Concurrent Connections is measured as the point in the monthly billing cycle at which the most open WebSocket connections are established between devices and Stream for the organization.

The most common method of opening a WebSocket connection is using the connectUser() (or SDK equivalent) method described here.

A single user, or user_id, can have multiple open WebSocket connections. For example, if they are logged in on multiple devices or an integration error has occurred.

What can I customize?

You can build any type of chat or messaging experience with Stream. Our SDKs provide three levels of integrations: The low level client, an offline storage layer and the UI components. This means your team can implement any design that they created with Stream.

What are the benefits of the Edge network?

Our Edge network consists of servers around the world to ensure users have a global fast user experience, and lower error rate when using Stream.

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