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Chat Messaging

Android Compose Chat SDK

The Jetpack Compose SDK is built on a low-level chat client and provides modular, customizable Compose UI components that you can easily drop into your Android app.

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Getting Started

This guide quickly brings you up to speed on Stream’s Chat API. The API is flexible and allows you to build any type of chat or messaging. 


Our tutorials show you how to set up a new chat project and add the messaging SDK, and also includes examples of customization.

Sample Apps

Full functional sample apps built on top of our Compose UI components. Great for previewing features and testing our SDK.

Key Compose Chat SDK Benefits

The Android SDK provides straightforward frontend access to all the capabilities of our Chat API infrastructure.

Compose UI Components

  • Logging
  • Custom fonts for specific components
  • Custom theme and colors
  • Custom component UI and behavior
  • Screen, bound and stateless components

Live View

  • Show participant watcher counts
  • Return a list of users who are typing
  • Show new messages outside of scroll
  • Scroll to new messages easily
  • Fast chat screen updates

Messages Screen UI

  • Display reactions on each message
  • Edit previously sent messages
  • Rich URL previews
  • Image and File attachments
  • Quoting messages
  • Threads

Channel Header

  • Back navigation button
  • Displays channel name
  • User presence/online indicator
  • Staying sticky to the top of the app

Channels Screen UI

  • Channel name
  • User's read states
  • Last message
  • Time of last message
  • Custom layouts
  • Event listening
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Message Composer

  • Easily add emoticons to messages
  • File and image attachments
  • Switches to edit messages
  • Compose threads for focused responses

Supported Compose Chat SDK Features

  • Message reactions
  • Link previews
  • Image and file attachments
  • Edit and delete message
  • Push notifications
  • Image gallery
  • Style customization
  • UI customization
  • Threads
  • Offline support

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