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Build scalable activity feeds in hours instead of months. Scale your activity feed without the notorious difficulties involved with building activity feeds on traditional databases.

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What types of feeds can you build?

Popular examples of activity feeds are Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and Salesforce Chatter. Basically any use case where you can follow things or otherwise personalize the user experience is typically a good fit for Stream. Save vital development resources and enable your team to focus on what makes your app unique.

Building out feed technology is quite a challenge. We made the mistake of trying to build it ourselves… and we were just stuck. From a feature perspective, we couldn’t build something as robust as what Stream can provide. I’m simply amazed at how certain features, such as ranking, work.
Tim Specht

Follow Relationships

Following various feeds is the core aspect of feeds. Stream enables your users to follow other users or any topic. Common examples of what your users can follow include topics, playlists, companies, groups, stocks, artists, playlists etc.

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Feed Ranking

Feeds are chronological by default. You can fully customize the order using ranking methods. Common use cases include showing editorial content higher in the feed, highlighting current events or showing popular content higher in the feed.

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Aggregated Feeds

Aggregation enables you to reduce noise in the feed. If a friend is bored one day and posts 100 things it can easily flood a traditional news feed. Aggregated feeds group related activities.

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Listen to your feed and update your UI whenever something changes. This encourages real time conversations between people and facilitates event/hashtag related discussions.

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Follow suggestions, content and product recommendations, feed order based on individual user interest, and discovery feeds are all available on enterprise plans. Stream assigns a data scientist to your account and that person builds a custom solution for your exact use case.

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Reliability and Scalability

Specialized Feed Database

Feeds with general purpose databases are hard, expensive and don’t scale well. That’s why Stream, a database engineered specifically for feeds is trusted to power the feeds for over half a billion users.

High Performance

Stream runs across 180+ servers worldwide with an average API response time of 12ms. Average real-time response time is 2ms.

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Optimized for Feeds

We power over 34 billion feed updates each month. Don’t get stuck building an activity feed that limits your development and creativity. Spend less and do more.

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Implement Stream according to your specifications and design. Start out with a basic chronological feed, ranked feed or even in-depth machine learning personalization.

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Grow without worrying about the scalability, maintenance and reliability of your feeds

Activity feeds help you fuel growth, drive engagement and increase retention. Leverage Stream’s robust developer API to launch this week and not next year.

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