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Activity Feed UI Components with support for Open Graph scraping, #hashtags, @mentions, likes, comments, file uploads and real-time. Launch activity feeds with React, React Native or Swift.

React Feed Components

Use our modern React activity feed components for jump starting your app.

React Native

Similar to our React components, just ready for React Native.

iOS Swift

Build an app using Stream’s open source Swift activity feed components.

Flutter SDK

Build an app using Stream’s open source Flutter SDK for activity feed components.

Extendable Activity Feed SDK for React, React Native & iOS

Extendable Activity Feed SDK for React, React Native & iOS

Built upon best practices for user experience, Stream’s React Components are designed to provide a highly functional and data rich starter kit for activity streams, notification feeds, and user profiles.

Quick-start your project with our API and modules but keep full control over the design of your app.

Hashtags & Mentions

Enhance discovery and encourage new conversations across an entire app. Hashtags and @mentions are both great ways to increase engagement on the feed.


Built with the user experience in mind, our solution supports likes, comments, shares, and other forms of reactions (and their count totals) out of the box.

Built-in Realtime

Provide instant feedback to the user when their feed changes. This is particularly helpful if people are having a conversation or monitoring a live event.


Ready to use with aggregation, real-time, seen/unseen states and counts.

Post Composer

All the complexities of adding a new post are simplified with this ready-to-use component.

File Uploads

With a couple clicks or taps, users can easily upload rich media such as photos, videos or even PDFs to the feed.

Why Stream Feeds?

When users follow each other and like, share, comment on, or discover new content, they expect an experience that rivals leading social media platforms. With Stream, you can easily create networks of content, establish follow relationships between users, and deliver AI-driven content suggestions — without the need to develop and scale that technology yourself.

Scalability & Performance
Grow your app without worrying about the scalability of your news feed infrastructure. Feeds typically load around ~9ms.
99.99% uptime track record. 24/7 phone support and SLA on all enterprise plans.
Developer friendly
Easy onboarding, SDKs, beautiful documentation and responsive support.
Zero maintenance
Building your feed with Stream can help you move faster, save substantial cost and benefit from Stream’s performance and scale.

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Activity Feeds UI Kit

We have our Sketch UI Kit to match our UI/UX Front End Components.

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