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99.999% uptime SLA?
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Stream’s infrastructure is incredibly reliable with a history of some of the best uptime in the industry. Add in our 99.999% uptime SLA and gain the assurance your enterprise needs.

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Stream's Feeds API & Chat API is trusted to
power experiences for over half a billion users

Personalized Support

Extend your team with support that works with you

Our dedicated solution engineers will consult you on the best way to integrate Stream into your app. From importing your data to enhancing the user experience with Personalization, we are here to work with you.

Our engineers can be with you every step of the integration process.

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Shared Slack channel

Involve the whole team with a dedicated Slack channel.

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Onboarding Services

Add a Stream integration expert to your project to help you jumpstart your architecture, feed/chat layout and get running faster.

Data Security

Robust data security, privacy and compliance

Security is something we take very seriously. Stream customers rely on us to provide security features and tools that ensure their data is safe and remains secure.

Stream is HIPAA ready and GDPR compliant. All data sent to Stream is stored in multiple availability zones. This ensures that individual machine or zone outages don't disrupt the API.

Privacy Shield SOC2
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2FA Login

Secure logging in to your account with two layers of auth.

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SSO via Github and SAML 2.0

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GDPR & CCPA Compliance

We have a GDPR DPA.

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Data encryption

All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

infrastructure & Reliability

Infrastructure able to withstand zone outages

Stream is built to quickly scale up and divert traffic to separate regions in the unlikely event of host region failure and backups are tested routinely for continuity and disaster recovery by our operations team.

Enterprise customers have dedicated processing priority and realtime scaling. Get in touch with us to see how we can tailor a solution to your specific use case.

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High Availability

Able to withstand availability zone outages and backed with an SLA

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99.999% Uptime

Proven track record of dependability.

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Best Practices

Centralized logging, infrastructure as code, extensive test coverage.

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Performance & Features

Average 11ms API response time for feeds, custom rate limits, filtering, batch operations.

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