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Live Events

Build Scalable, Reliable Live Event Experiences

Stream’s Chat, Video, and Audio components enable you to deliver a seamlessly interactive live event experience to attendees in days.

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Key Live Event App Features


Unlimited Participants

Grow your attendee list without worrying about scalability. Stream does not limit the number of people active on a single channel and can reliably support millions of users around the world with varying network conditions.

In-App Video & Audio Support

Bring your virtual event to life by broadcasting live video and audio simply by integrating Stream’s APIs and SDKs to create the exact UX you want in days.


Stream’s full multi-tenancy support enables you to silo access to chat for your live event app’s attendees.

Pinned Messages

Pin slide decks and other materials to chat rooms for live event participants or temporarily pin promotional and sponsored materials on live stream events for a limited duration.

Live Event Features

Dynamically turn off typing indicators when the attendee count rises, enable slow mode as traffic increases, and use slash commands for seamless moderation.

Real-Time AI Moderation

Keep your brand safe with AI-based text and image moderation, blocklists, and a powerful moderation dashboard.

Performant Solutions You Can Trust

Increase Live Event Engagement

Deliver a best-in-class video, voice, and chat experience for live events to encourage dynamic conversation and boost attendee participation.

enterprise scale

Optimal Global Performance

Stream’s global edge network ensures quality performance, our SFU cascading infrastructure broadcasts video with ultra-low latency, and our tech stack based on Go, RocksDB, and Raft ensures optimal performance for live events with millions of participants.

Protect Your Brand’s Reputation

Keep your brand safe and your users protected from spam and toxicity by using advanced filters and our moderation engines powered by AI.

Discover Why Live Events Apps Choose Stream

Stream’s performance, reliability, and scalability convinced them to integrate the React and React Native Chat SDKs and the Chat UI Kit. Accelevents’ developers customized the SDK features to meet the specific needs of their platform and created a prototype in less than a week.

From the first sales call, it was clear to Teamworks that Stream could support their unique use case. They found the chat API and React and React Native SDKs to be feature-rich, the Edge network to be reliable and scalable, and the documentation to be complete.

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Real-Time Communication for Live Events

We power engaging communication solutions for some of the largest virtual events platforms in the world. Companies like Hopin, Little Cinema Digital, Welcome, and Accelevents trust Stream to elevate user experience.

Security & Compliance

  • GDPR
  • DPF
  • SOC2
  • Privacy Shield Framework
  • ISO 27001

Available Options

  • 24/5 Emergency Support
  • Shared Slack Channels
  • AI Text & Image Moderation
  • 99.999% Uptime SLA
  • Audit logs

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