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Drive Marketplace Sales With Live Communication

Rapidly build and ship engaging real-time communication interfaces for buyers and sellers by integrating Stream Chat, Video, and
Audio components.

Trusted By Leading Marketplace Apps

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The logo of Vestaire Collective
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The logo of Vestaire Collective
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Key Marketplace App Features

Sale-Driving Chat Features

Increase revenue by integrating all the modern messaging essentials your users expect for a richer communication experience, like reactions, typing indicators, read receipts, replies, and more.

Message Translation

Translate chat messages on-demand or automatically to support your global marketplace.

Push Notifications

Keep customers updated on current or limited-time offers on their favorite products with push notifications and cart time-out reminders.

Chat Offline Support

Keep sales and negotiations flowing and never lose a message with Stream’s offline support and advanced connection recovery.

Customer User Experience

Build the marketplace experience you want by customizing our UI components and implementing payment or product showcase messages.

Live Commerce Capabilities

Bring the virtual marketplace experience to life with live streaming, video, and audio communication capabilities to increase trust and support large or luxury transactions.

Performant Solutions You Can Trust

Protect Buyers and Sellers

Detect scammers and attempts to close transactions outside your marketplace app by using our Advanced filters and AI-based moderation engines for platform circumvention, spam detection, and bad actors.

enterprise scale

Optimal Global Performance

Stream’s global edge network ensures quality performance, our SFU cascading infrastructure broadcasts video with ultra-low latency, and our tech stack based on Go, RocksDB, and Raft ensures optimal performance for marketplace communities with up to millions of participants.

Secure and Compliant

Stream is SOC2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, DPF, and GDPR compliant and provides a 99.999% SLA uptime with an average support response time of less than 30 minutes and a dedicated customer support Slack channel.

Discover Why Marketplace Apps Choose Stream

CollX leveraged the flexibility of Stream's React Native SDK to engineer and integrate a custom in-app chat negotiation solution to cut down on the back-and-forth messaging between collectors who wished to strike a deal.

TaskRabbit needed a solution with front-end components, and Stream’s Chat UI Kit was appealing because it is flexible, high-performance, and adaptable enough to be designed for the specific demands of TaskRabbit.

Gumtree Australia, a leading marketplace, needed to replace its outdated in-house messaging system with a more efficient and reliable solution. After rigorous evaluation, Gumtree selected Stream, driven by its user-friendly SDK and AI-powered Auto Moderation capabilities.

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Real-Time Communication for Marketplaces

Connecting inside your marketplace app with real-time communication solutions increases user engagement and provides positive brand perception when coupled with a consistent user experience that’s available through Stream’s SDKs.

Security & Compliance

  • GDPR
  • DPF
  • SOC2
  • Privacy Shield Framework
  • ISO 27001

Available Options

  • 24/5 Emergency Support
  • Shared Slack Channels
  • AI Text & Image Moderation
  • 99.999% Uptime SLA
  • Audit logs
  • Onboarding services
  • SSO, SAML, 2FA
  • Dedicated AWS Region Stack

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A faster and easier way to build in-app chat.

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Build reliable in-app video calling and streaming.

Activity Feeds

Grow engagement with enterprise-ready feeds.

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