We Power Social Experiences for Billions

From Amsterdam to Boulder and Techstars in-between, Stream has raised over $58.25M to build the best Chat Messaging & Activity Feed infrastructure available, with best-in-class support.

Growing Team
140+ New Openings
2Boulder, USA
Amsterdam, NL
Total Funding
$58.25 Million
Remote People
Years in business
Active end users
2+ Billion
Avg. API Response
~ 9ms
Avg. uptime
ISO 27001
Tech Stack
Elevate the quality of apps for billions of users globally
Thierry CEO & Founder


CEO & Founder

Tommaso CTO & Founder


CTO & Founder

Creating reusable components is hard for every aspect of product development. Our industry has a strong “not invented here” culture. So to succeed, you need to build APIs that are faster, easier to use, and more reliable than what teams can feasibly create in-house. In addition, you have to include beautiful design and high-quality SDKs out of the box.
Marcelino picture
Chief Product Officer
Max picture
VP of Global Sales
Craig picture
Sr. Director of SEO
Stephen picture
Director of Customer Success
Alessandra picture
Director of Finance
Marco picture
Head of Information Security
Petyo picture
Technical Director SDK
Jared picture
Director of Design
Adnan picture
Principal Product Manager
Alessandro picture
Infrastructure Lead
Tess picture
Sr. Marketing Manager
Peter picture
Jaap picture
Marcelo picture
Vishal picture
Merel picture
Ferhat picture
Bhaskar picture
Jc picture
Guyon picture
Julia picture
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Join the Team

Our Shared Culture & Values

We are motivated to achieve mastery of our domains, build lasting relationships and be a transparent team player.

Startup Motivation
Solving problems independently yet getting help when needed, and having grit for when things inevitably go wrong.
We don’t hide and we aren’t afraid to ask for help. When we fail we learn, adapt, and do better in the future.
Achieving Mastery
We strive for excellence and we encourage everyone to learn, stretch themselves, and achieve new levels of success together.
Everyone contributes to the customer first experience, and provides them with an exceptional service that ensures a long standing relationship.
Team Players
We have come together from all around the world. We respect our unique diversity, value niceness and support each other in our successes.

We strive to make Stream an awesome place to work

Equipment and Resources

Computers, standing desks, Bose headphones, and other specialized tools are available for you to be successful.

Paid Vacation

Generous time off on top of observing several national holidays.