In-App Chat
Messaging Solutions

Stream makes it straightforward to design and build any kind of chat for telehealth, virtual events, edtech, customer support, marketplaces, team chat or a sophisticated social messenger.

Enterprise Scalability

Teams trust Stream to scale world-wide, regardless of load without going down and impacting their app performace or usability.

API Infrastructure

Our 9ms avg API response time infrastructure is built with GO, RocksDB and Raft. Confidently build any kind of HIPAA compliant app without the scalability and feature headaches.

Trusted for Excellence

Stream is trusted by hundreds of teams and more than a billion end-users to reliably scale, regardless of demand.

Try Stream Chat

Walk yourself through four different example apps to showcase how flexible the API is.

Virtual Events

Connect attendees and hosts with virtual event real-time chat. Scale to any size event without hiccups or feature limitations. There are no limits on the number of people active on a single channel, which makes Stream perfect for virtual events.

Online Marketplaces

Expand your online marketplace with chat that connect buyers and sellers while protecting privacy, never losing a message and advanced connection recovery features. With integrated translation you can build a world wide marketplace.

Education and Online Learning

Use Stream Chat to build and customize solutions for the virtual school. Connecting teachers, students and parents with secure live chat keeps conversations productive, without technological barriers.

Social & Teams

Build your own social messenger or team collaboration chat app with Stream.

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Enhance doctor and patient experience with security and privacy

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Customer Support

Reduce your operational expenses with Stream powered Customer Chat.

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