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Build Scalable Apps for Any Use Case

Stream’s Chat, Video, and Audio components enable you to deliver a seamlessly interactive experiences for telehealth, virtual events, edtech, gaming, marketplaces, team chat or a sophisticated social messenger.

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Solutions for Every Use Case

AI Chat Bot

Integrate AI experiences into your Stream-powered messaging app using Stream, OpenAI's ChatGPT, or Google's Gemini for a strong foundation to build a rich, engaging, tailored UX across all platforms and SDKs.

Team Collaboration & Field Ops

Elevate efficiency and connectivity with Stream’s Chat, Video, and Voice components for on-time, on-budget results.


Build cross-platform chat messaging experiences with Stream Chat. Use our APIs and SDKs to build social messaging or the next team chat app.


Build virtual classrooms and remote learning applications with Stream’s Chat, connecting students, teachers, and parents with a secure, fully-featured messaging solution.

Delivery and Mobility

Deliver instant updates and support and streamline service requests in real time.


Build engaging chat for your buyers and sellers. Never lose a message with Stream’s offline storage and advanced connection recovery, which ensure a reliable real-time chat experience.

Virtual Events

Engage with your audience, build a community, and scale to millions of concurrent users with a feature set attendees expect.


Build a SOC2, ISO 27001, DPF, GDPR, and HIPAA-compliant telehealth experience patients can trust and providers can rely on.


Grow engagement by providing a safe space to build relationships with secure, intimate conversations.


Don't lose your players to third-party chat apps. Leverage our APIs and SDKs to build an immersive, in-game chat experiences that'll keep your gamers connected and coming back for more.


Stream’s Chat, Video, and Voice APIs and SDKs are redefining the FinTech app industry with cutting-edge live communication solutions.

Sports and Fitness

Help your in-app fitness community level up with Stream’s Chat, Video, and Voice APIs and SDKs to support their sports and wellness goals.

Discover Why Developers Choose Stream

Zaya chose Stream after reviewing its impressive SDK documentation, pricing, and support. The integration took a month and a half and immediately drew positive attention and feedback from users.

As a start-up platform Recoverlution leveraged ready-made APIs where necessary, so the Recoverlution engineers could focus exclusively on creating a unique experience. A platform centered around connection required a chat functionality, and Stream proved to be the best fit for the project.

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A faster and easier way to build in-app chat.

Video and Audio

Build reliable in-app video calling and streaming.

Activity Feeds

Grow engagement with enterprise-ready feeds.

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