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The Current Landscape for Mental Health Telemedicine

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), mental health is “our emotional, psychological, and social well-being.” The CDC linked worsening mental health conditions to stress caused by the current COVID-19 pandemic. With a growing demand for safe and convenient access to…


Syncing Sales Chat Transcripts in Real-Time with Zendesk Sell CRM and Stream Chat

Can you imagine viewing your sales chat transcripts in real time from your sales CRM? Would your chat applications improve with more timely handling of customer chat inquiries? This post demonstrates how to leverage the powerful Stream Chat API to take action with a chat transcri…


Stream Chat and API-Driven Telemedicine Services

One of the largest growing segments within the telecommunication space is telehealth and telemedicine. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, we saw claims that “Telehealth is growing with a forecasted market increase of 16.8 percent from 2017 to 2023” according to the Arizona Telemedic…


Write a Chatbot in Swift and Deploy to AWS Lambda

Did you know you can use Swift in the backend to build a chatbot and deploy it to AWS? We’ve recently published an Open Source project called Swift Lambda to make the process easier. In this tutorial, we’ll use Swift Lambda to build a chatbot that can reply to user messages autom…


Send Chat Transcripts to HubSpot

This tutorial will explore how to make a chat widget that connects to the HubSpot CRM to (1) create or update a HubSpot CRM Contact with the user’s info, and (2) save chat transcripts in HubSpot. We’ll use the versatile Stream Chat client and its webhooks to accomplish this. The …


How to Implement Chat in Your E-Commerce iOS App

In this tutorial, we’ll integrate chat in an e-commerce app using Stream Chat’s Swift SDK. It’s crucial for buyers that may need immediate communication for payments, delivery status, last-minute changes, and refunds. Those screenshots show a button leading to a chat screen where…

Open Source

Deploy HTTP Services Written in Swift to AWS in Seconds

Recently, Apple announced the Swift AWS Lambda Runtime. It’s now possible to write self-contained functions that run on AWS using the same Swift you use for iOS development. This lets you not only reuse the knowledge you already have of Swift, but also share code between the serv…


How To Capture Leads From Live Chat In Zendesk

This post will demonstrate how to configure a Lead creation in Zendesk from a customer inquiry via a landing page/sales chat widget. We’ll build a full-screen experience that can be embedded on your homepage or landing pages. Our chat experience will start with a simple user regi…


How to Capture Leads From Live Chat In HubSpot

In this tutorial, learn how to build a Stream chat widget that connects to the HubSpot CRM to automatically create a new contact when a customer initiates a chat. This widget, backed by the Stream chat API, can be easily embedded to your site as a chat widget for sales, support, …


Firebase Alternative: Building Chat With Firebase vs. Stream

We have recently noticed an influx of individuals searching for alternatives to building chat messaging applications on Firebase. It’s important to note that Firebase is a multi-use tool for developers to build just about anything quickly but does not take into account the cost w…


40+ Telemedicine Statistics to Know in 2020

The global Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work, the way we play, and the way we approach healthcare. We’re not sure where we will land once we get through this. Still, understanding the usage and growth of the telemedicine industry in the recent past can help us gain…

Open Source

Streamoji – Custom Emoji Library for iOS UITextView

Custom emojis are a fun way to bring more life and customizability to your apps. They’re available in some of the most popular apps, such Slack, Discord, and Twitch. However, iOS SDK doesn’t provide straight forward support for custom emojis out of the box. Now, you’re a couple l…


How to Build a Live Fitness iOS App

In this tutorial, we’ll build a TeleHealth iOS app where gym members and instructors can interact in an online virtual fitness class using Stream Chat, to deliver fully featured chat components, and, to provide quality audio and video. By the end, we’ll have an applicati…


How to Build an iOS App for Livestream Events

In this tutorial, we’ll build an iOS app for livestream events where attendees and speakers can interact in a virtual conference room using Stream Chat, to deliver fully featured chat components, and, to provide quality live-streamed audio and video for large audiences. …


How to Build a Virtual Classroom iOS App with Video and Chat

In this tutorial, we’ll build an iOS app where students and teachers can interact in a virtual classroom using Stream Chat, to deliver fully featured chat components, and, to provide quality audio and video. By the end, we’ll have an application similar to the screenshot…


Message Translation, Multi-Tenancy Chat and New Regions – Swift Chat

In June 2020, Stream Chat’s Swift SDK received three updates: 2.2.3, 2.2.4, and 2.2.5. These updates bring us further in the mission of providing high-quality chat experience for iOS apps. Let’s go through the highlights. Message Translation With this feature, introduced in 2.2.5…


How to use GitHub with Android Studio

Android Studio makes it easy to push changes to your favorite Open Source, professional, or personal projects on GitHub. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to use GitHub with Android Studio. We’ll use an Open Source contribution for context. Android developers use Open Source proj…


How to Implement In-App Support Chat on iOS

In this tutorial, we’ll build an in-app support system using Stream Chat’s Swift SDK, which you can quickly integrate in new or existing apps. It’s crucial for users that may need immediate information or assistance in completing a task. It’s frequently present in banking, e-comm…


How to Build a Telemedicine App with Video and Chat for iOS

In this tutorial, we’ll build the basis of a Telemedicine App for iOS using Stream Chat, to deliver fully featured chat components, and, to deliver quality audio and video. Both solutions provide HIPAA compliance. By the end, we’ll have an application similar to the scre…


New Feature Announcement: Presend Message Hooks

Are you looking to have more control over moderation? Presend Message Hooks provides you with access to either discard or rewrite messages when they don’t meet your content guidelines. This feature works similarly to regular webhooks; however, the difference is that your handler …


How to Build a Chat App with SwiftUI: Part 2 (Channels)

In Part 1 of this series, we created a simple chat application for iOS and macOS using SwiftUI and Stream Chat’s Swift SDK, but it only had a single channel. In this tutorial, we’ll improve on it by implementing a channels screen with three features: join, create, and search chan…


New Chat Feature Announcement: Image Moderation

The Power of Images Employing user-generated content (UGC) is an effective way of engaging a brand’s audience. When users are able to contribute content to assess a company’s products or services, it creates trust among customers. Images have the power to leave a strong impact on…


Silent Messages

When you want to send a system, administrative, or transactional message, you may not always want to instantly alert the user or change the unread message count on a conversation. Therefore, Stream has deisgned Silent Messages so that the channel is not marked as "unread" for use…


New Chat Feature: Query Members

Secure & Encrypted Build the most secure and HIPAA-compliant chat experience for your medical chat app. Privacy, security and reliability are our focus and promise. Stream Chat Continues to Support Massive Scale with a New Feature: Query Members Stream’s Chat product has rolled o…

Case Studies

Stream Chat Connects Taskers & Users Faster Than Ever Before

About TaskRabbit TaskRabbit is an online and mobile task platform that connects people with trusted, reliable independent contractors called “Taskers” from their local communities who can help get work done in and around the home. TaskRabbit’s two-sided marketplace makes it possi…


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