Stream Chat vs. Twilio Chat

Chat and messaging are becoming ever-more critical for application success. When searching for a provider to enable in-app messaging, you might compare Stream Chat with Twilio Chat. Twilio is a monster in the space of API-driven SMS support and email (through their acquisition of SendGrid), but thei…

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Series: Building a Social Network with Flask & Stream – Part 3

This is the third installment of a tutorial series focusing on how to create a full-stack application using Flask and Stream. Originally, this article was going to cover the creation of the initial database models for your app, as well as handling registration/login and other con…


Series: Building a Social Network with Flask & Stream – Part 2

This is the second installment of a tutorial series focusing on how to create a full-stack application using Flask and Stream. This week we’re going to start digging into the actual construction of our app. In this article, I am going to guide you through setting up the initial f…


Series: Building a Social Network with Flask & Stream – Part 1

For the last little while, I’ve wanted to develop a new kind of social media site. Between the privacy issues, relentless ads, and the pervasiveness of bots on almost every service, I wanted to build something that would allow people to have a new source to discover the newest an…


Processing Webhooks with Stream Chat, Lambda, and Node.js

In this tutorial, we will show you how to process webhooks to send a message to a Slack channel! Here at Stream, we are big fans of Chat; webhooks are an excellent way to monitor customers’ messages to allow your customer support can respond to them in record time (and much more!…


Build a Chat App with Stream & Kong

Managing microservices manually can get very complicated and takes the focus away from business logic. API gateways help take care of the various collective management and housekeeping tasks necessary for running microservices. One of the most popular API gateways is Kong. As the…


Styled Components vs. CSS Stylesheets

Over the last few years, CSS-in-JS solutions have become prevalent across the front-end landscape with many offerings such as styled-components, and emotion that provides a way to colocate your components and style definitions. The power of these libraries lies in the ability to …


How to Efficiently Use Webhooks and Stream Chat

Unlike an API request that’s triggered when a request is sent, a webhook gets triggered when certain events occur within the cycle of an application. For example, when a new message is added on Stream Chat, the message.new event sends a payload to the webhook endpoint containing …


Deploying Stream Chat (React) to Netlify and Heroku

This article describes how you can build and deploy a React Chat application powered by Stream’s Chat API to Netlify and Heroku. In this case, the React app will be deployed on Netlify, while the accompanying Node server will be deployed to Heroku. At the end of this article, you…


Stream Is Deprecating Virtual Go – It’s Time to Move to Go Modules

TL;DR Stream released vg almost three years ago, and since its inception, Go has improved quite a bit in regards to its dependency management. Since Go has come so far, we’re now advocating that the community use native Go modules rather than vg. The Gist Stream provides an API a…


Build a Customer Support Chat Bot with LUIS, React Hooks, Azure Serverless and Stream

Initial Thoughts This tutorial will teach you how to build your own customer-support chat experience and create a serverless chatbot! The end result will look much like this: The customer-facing chat experience is shown on the left, and the screen on the right shows the interface…


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