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Customizing Stream Chat iOS/Swift App for a Unique Look: A Quick Start Guide

This article demonstrates how to perform basic customizations such as swapping colors, fonts, and icons with assets, color, and typographic styles from your style guide. You can create a free chat trial account to follow along with the tutorial. Resources You can find and download the completed Xcode project on GitHub. This tutorial is for
11 min read

Build Instant Messaging in a MERN-Based E-commerce App With Stream Chat

Instant messaging has become an integral part of web applications in recent years. The real-time exchange of information helps to cement the users' trust, whether they are customers, merchants, or other stakeholders. This technology has become ubiquitous across many industries, including virtual events, healthcare, and education. However, the complexity surrounding proper in-house implementation was an
10 min read

Implementing ChatGPT with Stream Chat

With the advent and increasing popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and Google's Gemini, many customers wish to implement these solutions to maintain feature parity in the marketplace and provide highly engaging and memorable experiences for their user base. As an industry-leading solution, Stream evolves alongside these market shifts and
3 min read

Build an AI Chat Android App With Google’s Generative AI

Google recently introduced its Generative AI platform, featuring a collection of large language models (LLMs) that utilize techniques inspired by AlphaGo. Gemini is an artificial intelligence that generates new content or data from existing sources. These technologies generate realistic and coherent text, images, audio, video, and other media forms, producing entirely synthetic yet believable outputs.
12 min read

Build a Discord Clone Using Next.js and Tailwind: Channel List — Part Three

Welcome to our series about building a Discord clone using Next.js and TailwindCSS. In the previous posts, we covered setting up the project and adding the server list. This one will tackle the channel list that will look like this: Demo of the end result of the project We already mentioned different customization options for
25 min read

Build an iOS 17-Style Action Composer in SwiftUI

Build an iOS 17-Style Action Composer in SwiftUI Apple tends to bring improvements to the UI on each major platform release. One of these nice improvements is the new Action Menu List. The Action Menu List is a nicely animated menu, typically under a button at the bottom left of an app’s message entry screen.
8 min read

How To Build a Telegram Clone with SwiftUI

SwiftUI Chat and Video Calling App Demo An iOS app like Telegram combines chat and video calling to enhance real-time and async communication for all users. Its thoughtful animations also provide unique and engaging text-based and live connection. Let's build an iOS/SwiftUI app similar to Telegram by integrating Stream’s iOS chat SDK, iOS video calling
10 min read

Build a Discord Clone with Next.js and TailwindCSS: Server List — Part Two

In part one of the series, we did not cover any UI work and instead focused on setting up the project and integrating the Stream Chat SDK. Having laid this groundwork, we can now start implementing the UI. We will start with the overall layout of the application and then build it step-by-step. This part
14 min read

CometChat Migration Guide

CometChat allows you to integrate chat messaging and video calling into your product quickly. While it offers a convenient way to get started, you will quickly run into flexibility, scalability, and customization limitations when using CometChat’s prebuilt components in your codebase. Stream is a popular CometChat alternative and the leading provider of chat APIs. Stream
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