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Adding User Interactivity to a Chatroom with Laravel, Vue.js and Stream Chat

In my last tutorial here, we created a chatroom application using Laravel, Vue.js, and Stream Chat. Although we only covered the basics of getting our chatroom up and running, Stream Chat offers a lot of other functionality. In this tutorial, we will explore some of those functionalities, and we’ll …


Tutorial: Build a Live-Stream Chat With Wowza and Stream

Wowza provides users with the ability to stream live video. Trusted by over 24,000 organizations to power video streaming, they offer an extremely flexible platform that’s easy to use for even the most novice streamer. My team at Stream specializes in real-time feeds and chat technology, so naturall…


Building an End-to-End Encrypted Chatbot with Stream React Chat, Virgil Security, and Google Dialogflow

As banking technology advances, secure real-time communication is becoming increasingly crucial to any modern banking application. It’s essential to provide the technology experiences customers expect while protecting their privacy and data. In this tutorial, we will walk through how to create a ful…


Tutorial: User Auth with Stream Chat & Feeds

A common point of interest when integrating Stream is how to authenticate users, in addition to generating a token for use on the frontend side of the application. Whether you’re using Stream for feeds or for chat, generating an auth token is actually rather simple, and it’s easy to accomplish in ju…


Tutorial: Create a GraphQL API with Node, Mongoose, and Express

GraphQL is a technology that helps developers across the board to build more robust software more quickly. The ability to request all of the information you need in a single request is a game-changer. It has simplified my backend development of APIs for consumption by mobile and web applications tha…


Build a Video Conferencing App Using Dolby Voxeet and Stream Chat

With the recent launch of Stream Chat, the team here has been working with vendors to add real-time chat and messaging to various platforms. We’ve had several requests for voice and video chat, and after looking around at the market, it was a clear choice to partner up with Voxeet (recently acquired…


Building HIPAA Compliant End-to-End Encrypted Chat with Stream React Chat and Virgil Security

In this tutorial, we will walk through how to create a full, end-to-end encrypted chat solution using Stream Chat combined with Virgil Security. These two services allow developers to integrate chat that is HIPAA compliant by protecting PHI and patient communications. The application embeds Virgil S…


Building a Chatroom with Laravel, Vue.js and Stream Chat

Being able to communicate with a group of people over live chat is one of the most powerful features of modern messaging. Groups of people can have live general discussions across the board as though it were a one-to-one chat, which makes sharing general information fast and easy. In this tutorial, …


Filtering Profanity in Chat with React Native

Unfortunately, there will always be users who tend toward using profanity within chat. As a developer, there will be a time that will come when you need to moderate this type of behavior. There’s simply no way you will be able to manually watch all of the chat rooms and ban users because of their


Tutorial: Build Customer Support Chat with Laravel, Vue and Stream

Quick and active customer service is an integral part of any company or organization, especially those that conduct most of their business online. Quality customer service goes beyond merely fielding comments and questions from customers. The types of interactions your team has with your clients hav…