Rigi Sees 50% YoY Growth After Integrating Stream Chat

Emily R.
Emily R.
Published March 18, 2024

Challenge: When Rigi's co-founders created the app, they needed a chat API to expedite their time to market. Rigi developers needed a chat solution that was easy to integrate and scalable enough to support large creator communities while delivering reliable, low-latency performance.

Strategy: The Rigi team built a proof-of-concept (PoC) with the chat APIs from Stream and two other top chat providers to ensure a fair evaluation of each solution to find the best option for their app.

Result: Rigi chose Stream because of its ease of integration, impressive documentation, and robust feature catalog. It only took one developer a few hours to integrate the React Native SDK into the app. Rigi now sees an average of 50% year-over-year (YoY) growth thanks to the ability of community members to connect with creators powered by Stream Chat. 

About Rigi

Rigi is a platform that empowers creators to monetize their content offerings and transition their existing social following from other apps to a dedicated community forum. With a focus on fostering private interactions and engagement at scale, Rigi sought a robust chat functionality to facilitate seamless communication between creators and user groups with thousands of participants on their platform.

The Benefits of In-App Community

Rigi Co-Founder Swapnil Saurav says that before the app, creators were primarily utilizing external platforms such as Telegram and WhatsApp to connect with their communities. However, the limitations of these third-party platforms, such as user login sharing and scalability issues, prompted the creation of Rigi. Rigi wanted to provide creators with a secure and scalable environment for fostering user interactions, hosting webinars, workshops, and courses, and giving them the control they need to monetize their content effectively.

Integrating Stream Chat With Rigi

After carefully evaluating and testing Stream and top alternatives, Rigi integrated Stream Chat into its platform, leveraging its React Native SDK for its iOS and Android mobile apps and React JS for web applications. The decision to choose Stream Chat was influenced by its seamless message delivery, instant notifications, and comprehensive feature set, including polls, reactions, and multimedia sharing. Additionally, Stream Chat's global edge network and robust enterprise-ready infrastructure ensured high performance and reliability, essential for supporting Rigi's growing user base.

Business Impact of Stream Chat on Rigi

Since implementing Stream Chat, Rigi has witnessed significant improvements in user engagement and revenue generation. By transitioning creators from external platforms to their own ecosystem, Rigi has minimized user churn and increased user satisfaction for creators and their followers. The secure environment provided by Stream Chat has instilled confidence among creators, resulting in higher subscription renewals and enhanced monetization opportunities. Rigi's growth has exceeded 50% year-over-year (YoY), indicating the positive impact of Stream Chat on their business.

Feedback and Recommendations

Feedback from both Rigi users and internal teams has been overwhelmingly positive, praising Stream Chat's reliability, performance, and feature-rich functionality. The seamless integration and responsive customer support provided by Stream Chat have further solidified Rigi's confidence in the platform. As a result, Saurav enthusiastically recommends Stream Chat to other businesses seeking a scalable and feature-packed chat solution.

A Brighter Future For Creators and Communities With Stream Chat

Moving forward, Rigi plans to explore additional features offered by Stream Chat, such as the Campaigns API for targeted messaging and further customization options to tailor the chat experience to their users' needs. By leveraging Stream Chat's capabilities, Rigi aims to continue enhancing user engagement and driving monetization opportunities for creators on their platform.

The integration of Stream Chat has been instrumental in empowering Rigi to create a thriving ecosystem for creators and users alike. By providing a secure, scalable, and feature-rich chat solution, Stream Chat has facilitated seamless communication and community-building within Rigi's platform, driving significant business growth and fostering a vibrant creator community.

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