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Reimagining Dating App UX: A Fireside Chat with Stream and Feeld at GDI London

In September 2023, Stream sponsored GDI London and held a fireside chat with Enterprise chat customer and dating app company Feeld at the event. This is the transcription of the interview. EM: Hello, everyone! My name is Elaine McGlaughlin (EM). I’m a customer success manager at Stream— the fastest-growing global chat API company. We power
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The Path to Product Management: Engineer-Turned-PM Shares Top Career Advancement Tips

It’s not uncommon for software engineers to explore a career in product management. While the two positions require a considerably different skillset, a technical background primes product managers to better articulate roadmaps with engineers and understand realistic time frames and development efficiencies. However, technical know-how alone isn’t enough for an engineer to transition to a
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Stream Helps Betabrand Build a Community-Based Online Apparel Company

About Betabrand Betabrand is an online women’s apparel company known for Dress Pant Yoga Pants and other activewear for everything from work to travel. The brand’s customers participate in the design process by voting on new clothing concepts and providing their feedback, helping the company bring the best new products to market based on their
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Interview & Predictions for Cloud in 2020

2019 has been a year of tremendous growth for both Stream and Ionic. My name is Nick Parsons, and I’m a Developer at Stream. I decided to reach out to Max Lynch, the CEO of Ionic, as well as Thierry Schellenbach, my CEO at Stream about trends that they see first hand in the cloud
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