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Notification Feeds

Blazing Fast In-App Notification Feeds

Build realtime notification feed systems. Stream Notification Feeds is the easiest way to add a notification feed to your site or app. Aggregation, real-time, follows, counts and react components enable you to build a highly relevant notification center.

example of notifications feeds

Key <Notification Feeds/> Features Users Need

Start building the perfect discovery feeds, follow suggestions, email digests, recommendations and customized feeds, with Stream.

example of follow notifications

Follow Notifications

Follow topics or announcements to easily notify large groups at once.

example of gridded aggregation feeds


Grouping together common notification events on an activity is simple with aggregation.

example of unread and unseen counts


Display the count of the number of unseen or unread notifications.

example of real-time notifications


Receive notifications in realtime via Webhook or SQS.

exampe of seen and read status

Seen & Read Status

We’ve thought of all the small details. Easily differentiate between a notification that’s unread and seen!

example of react, react native and ios plaform icons

Easy Integration

Get started with our libraries for React, React Native, and iOS, all of which simplify implementing notification feeds.

Easy to use

Notification Feeds Tutorial

In this code example, we add a like activity to Josh’s notification feed. Note that you can add custom fields to the activity. Next, we’ll read the feed. Note how the data are aggregated. By default, the activities are aggregated by time and verb. You can change or disable aggregation logic in the dashboard. The response also includes the number of unseen and unread notifications.

example of notification feeds tutorial mockup

Bring Personalized Experiences to Life

Personalization of your feeds, emails and apps requires complex machine learning models. Combine analytics, feed content and collections to understand what users are interested in.

example of enterprise scale

Super Fast

Stream runs across 180+ servers worldwide with an average API response time of 12ms. Average real-time response time is 2ms.

example of feeds optimization

Feeds Optimized

We power over 200 billion feed updates each month. Don’t get stuck building an activity feed that limits your development and creativity. Spend less and do more.


Implement Stream according to your specifications and design. Start out with a basic chronological feed, ranked feed or even in-depth machine learning personalization.

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