Free Social Network Activity Feed UI Kits

Versatile and comprehensive Feed UI Kits for Sketch. If you’re looking to jumpstart your design with notifications and social feeds, this is the way to do it.

Desktop Based Feed UI Kit

Whether you want to build feeds as seen on Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, or Facebook, we have you covered with this UI kit. We implemented designs that are minimalistic and ready to be easily customized.

Activity Feed UI Kit v1


Mobile Based Feed UI Kit

iOS / Material UI Kit. This social media kit has both light and dark versions of iOS and Android Material. With its robust use of nested symbols, you’ll be customizing it to your own needs quickly and easily.

Mobile Feed App UI Kits

Supercharge Your Social Media Design

Supercharge Your Social Media Design

Quick start your project with our Social UI Kits that have been inspired by thousands of Activity Feeds we’ve seen built with Stream. We believe the possibilities are endless with the Stream API and Based Activity Feed UI Kit is going to be a great asset for product teams. Use what works, iterate, build and launch.

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Drag & Drop Ready

Included with light and dark versions of iOS/Android/Web. With its robust use of nested symbols, you'll be customizing it to your own need quickly and easily.

Social Networks

Social activity feed patterns that are drag and drop ready. The Social UI pattern in the kit show time-oriented activity in a social context.

Profile UI

Different type of profile pages, layouts and options for you to choose how to enable following or unfollowing.

Grids or Lists

We've designed options for grid, stacked and mobile feed options.

Profiles & follows

Follow suggestions, user information, profile based feeds and member actions.

100% Customizable

With nested symbols, icons, style guides and system fonts you'll be able to quickly customize the kit.