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Thierry S.
Thierry S.
Published November 8, 2022

The most important feature of an API is that it's highly available and reliable. Unfortunately, it's hard to see a company's track record when you make the purchasing decision.

At Stream we put a ton of effort into infrastructure, monitoring, high availability and ensuring you have the highest possible uptime. Our infrastructure gracefully handles server failures and availability zone failures. Our APIs are covered by extensive unit tests, integration tests and QA quality checks.

Stream powers activity feeds and chat for over a billion end users and we take great pride in ensuring a high reliability of the user experience. Because of our investment in our infrastructure and reliability we're able to offer a 99.999% uptime SLA package with 100X acceleration. This blogpost outlines the various support & SLA plans available with Stream. Note that the support plans cover all our products.

Enterprise - 99.999% uptime SLA with 100X acceleration

The Enterprise SLA is for the most demanding use cases where reliability is critical to the functioning of your application.

  • Support: 24/7 phone support. Our support has team members in the USA, Europe and Asia for global coverage. 2 hour support response time for critical issues and 48 hours for non critical issues.

  • Support: A shared slack channel directly with our support & engineering teams

  • Uptime: 99.999% uptime SLA with 100X acceleration (up to 30% of your monthly bill)

  • Integration review to ensure an optimal integration

Under this plan if Stream's API goes down for 7 minutes we will credit you for 700 minutes (up to a max of 30% of your monthly bill).

Business - 99.95% uptime SLA with 25X acceleration

The business plan is for rapidly growing companies and apps. It ensures your tickets and questions take priority.

  • Support: A shared Slack channel with our support and engineering team; 4-hour support response time for critical issues and 72 hours for non critical issues

  • Uptime: 99.95% uptime SLA with 25X acceleration (up to 30% of your monthly bill)


The developer support plan is for smaller apps. While we don't provide guarantees on this plan you run on the same infrastructure and can still feel confident in our excellent support and uptime track record.

  • Support: On average it takes our support team 30 minutes to reply to support tickets

  • Uptime: We don't provide SLAs, our uptime track record is visible at


You can select the support plan that best fits your business and application. Stream powers activity feeds and chat for over 1 billion end users. We invest heavily in our infrastructure, monitoring and uptime so you can feel confident running on our APIs.

The full details of our SLA plans are covered in your enterprise services agreement with Stream.

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