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Building on top of the Stream Chat API, the Stream Chat Angular component library includes everything you need to build feature-rich and high-functioning chat user experiences out of the box. The library includes an extensive set of performant and customizable Angular components which allow you to get started quickly with little to no plumbing required. Use cases include team and social messaging and customer support. The library supports:

  • Rich media messages
  • Reactions
  • Image and file uploads
  • Read state
  • Channel and message lists
  • Threads


The library contains a set of components that contain all of the necessary features to build a performant chat UI. However, it is also possible to provide your own custom components instead of the built-in ones.

If you want to, you can build your own chat UI from scratch but still take advantage of the library by using our services.

The left navigation will guide you to the various documentation sections for information on everything regarding our robust component library. Check out the instructions below for adding the library to your Angular project.


We recommended using the component library through a package manager. Stream Chat React is based on top of Stream's JavaScript Client.

Install with NPM#

npm install stream-chat-angular @stream-io/stream-chat-css stream-chat @ngx-translate/core


Follow our tutorial and build your first Stream Angular chat application.

Mobile application with Ionic#

Ionic is a toolkit for building cross-platform mobile applications from web applications. We have a minimal chat mobile application using our SDK and Ionic to showcase how you can use the two together (please note that the sample application doesn't have push notifications, and we haven't yet validated that they are working with Ionic, but if you want to try it out our push notification guide can get you started).

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