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Version: v6


The ChannelAvatar allows you to display a channel avatar, that shows the channel image, or a grid of its active members.

Let's see how to integrate the component into your code.


To use the component, simply pass the Channel object to the ChannelAvatar, like so:

channel = channel,
// The current logged in user
currentUser = currentUser,
// Reasonable avatar size
modifier = Modifier.size(36.dp)

Based on the state of the Channel and the number of members, it shows different types of images:

Default ChannelAvatar Component

Handling Actions

The ChannelAvatar component exposes a single action to handle click events:

fun ChannelAvatar(
..., // State
onClick: (() -> Unit)? = null,

If you want to handle clicks on ChannelAvatar, you can use the code below:

fun ChannelAvatar(
..., // State
) {
// Handle avatar clicks here


In terms of UI customization, the ChannelAvatar exposes the following properties:

fun ChannelAvatar(
channel: Channel,
currentUser: User?,
modifier: Modifier = Modifier,
shape: Shape = ChatTheme.shapes.avatar,
textStyle: TextStyle = ChatTheme.typography.title3Bold,
groupAvatarTextStyle: TextStyle = ChatTheme.typography.captionBold,
showOnlineIndicator: Boolean = true,
onlineIndicatorAlignment: OnlineIndicatorAlignment = OnlineIndicatorAlignment.TopEnd,
onlineIndicator: @Composable BoxScope.() -> Unit = {
OnlineIndicator(modifier = Modifier.align(onlineIndicatorAlignment.alignment))
contentDescription: String? = null,
... // Action handlers
  • channel: The channel whose data we need to show.
  • currentUser: The current user, used to determine avatar data.
  • modifier: Modifier for the root component. Useful for things like the component size, padding, background and similar.
  • shape: The shape of the avatar.
  • textStyle: The text style of the initials text.
  • groupAvatarTextStyle: The text style of the initials text in the group avatar.
  • showOnlineIndicator: If we show online indicator or not.
  • onlineIndicatorAlignment: The alignment of online indicator.
  • onlineIndicator: Custom composable that allows replacing the default online indicator.
  • contentDescription: The content description of the avatar.

Here's an example of customizing the UI of the channel avatar:

channel = channel,
currentUser = currentUser,
modifier = Modifier.size(48.dp),
shape = RoundedCornerShape(8.dp)

The sample above will produce a custom channel avatar with rounded corners:

Custom ChannelAvatar Component

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