Announcing Stream Chat’s New Java Backend SDK

Mike R.
Mike R.
Published July 16, 2021 Updated December 23, 2021
java programming language logo - stream chat now includes a dedicated java sdk

Stream Chat’s newest backend SDK is now available, extending complete integration support to apps written in Java. This release brings the total number of backend frameworks with dedicated Stream Chat SDKs to seven (in addition to our REST API, which can be used to build unlimited custom integrations). Our SDK engineering teams are excited to invite peers working in the Java ecosystem to discover Stream Chat.

25 years after its creation, Java is still one of the most popular server-side programming languages in use. And thanks to a high volume of skilled Java developers in the workforce, continued growth in Android development, and the language’s portability, Java will likely remain popular for years to come. At Stream, Java backend support has been one of our most frequent feature requests, and we’re proud to deliver an enterprise-grade solution.

Ready for more detail on how to integrate Stream Chat using Java? Check out the documentation for this new SDK or view the repo on GitHub.

Stream Chat Backend SDKs vs. Frontend SDKs

Developers integrating Stream Chat for the first time are often surprised at how much of the heavy lifting is handled by our frontend SDKs, which connect directly to the Stream Chat API and save considerable amounts of time and effort. The average integration focuses mainly on code that executes in the client, with your choice of React, React Native, Android (Java or Kotlin), iOS, or Flutter as a starting point. A few key tasks must be executed on the server side, however, and this is where the backend SDK libraries come in handy as an alternative to calling the REST API directly with Axios or Curl.

These backend tasks include generating user tokens and syncing users. For many use cases, we also recommend that syncing channels and adding and removing members and moderators take place on the server side.

Learn more about the different levels of Stream Chat frontend libraries available to you and how to choose the right one for your needs in this article written by our director of customer support→

Why Integrate Stream Chat?

Stream’s full suite of chat development tools makes it easy for engineering teams to add custom in-app messaging experiences to any software product — and to support those experiences at scale. Our full-time chat engineers work to constantly update and improve our SDKs and core chat functionality so you can implement a feature-rich messaging experience without diverting time and resources away from mission-critical projects that make your app unique.

Stream Chat also takes infrastructure headaches out of the equation, with a global network of edge servers to ensure top-tier performance and proven support for 5 million concurrent users in a single channel.

Stream Chat is available on a variety of pricing plans designed to accommodate organizations of all sizes, from the world’s largest enterprises to new startups and even hobby projects. To evaluate Stream for your business and begin prototyping your integration, activate your free Stream Chat trial today. You can also tinker with the complete set of Stream tools free of charge indefinitely as part of a qualifying small team or side project — just complete a 30-second application for your Stream Maker Account.

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