New Major Release: React Native v4 Chat SDK

Stream is thrilled to announce the upgraded v4 of the React Native Chat SDK.

Vishal N.
Vishal N.
Published March 4, 2022
React Native v4 release

This major release comes packed with new feature sets, DX and UX improvements, UI customizations, and so much more. Keep reading for a brief summary of what’s included in the update, or check out the “What’s New in v4?” section of the documentation for a deeper look.


How to Upgrade

We have done the heavy lifting for you–this simple upgrade guide is easy to follow and helps you quickly migrate to the most polished version of this React Native Chat SDK. Once you do, you’ll avoid unnecessary bugs, interact with a cleaner interface, skip the latency issues, and offer a smoother experience to your end users.

An updated step-by-step tutorial, overhauled documentation, and a changelog of each fix and improvement are also included in this new version.

Install Latest Version

We highly recommend testing your app after you upgrade. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out. Our support team is excited to get everyone using the latest and greatest versions of our growing library of in-app chat SDKs, so we’re happy to answer any questions and walk you through the process.

Happy upgrading!

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