Pusher Shutting Down Chatkit

Pusher is offically retiring their Chatkit product on April 23, 2020.

That's only 30 days before it's completely shutdown! If you are in need of a replacement for Chatkit look no futher than Stream Chat. As you can see below, we offer everything that Chatkit provides and quite a lot more.

Need to Transition ASAP?

No problem. Some clients have migrated to Stream within 2 days! Check out our Chatkit migration guide to get started, and/or contact us at support@getstream.io if we can help you in any way.

Stream Chat vs Chatkit Features

There really isn't much of a comparison 😊

Main Features

Pusher Chatkit Messaging Features

Enterprise Features


Pusher Chatkit Enterprise Features

Moderation Tools

Pusher ChatKit's moderation

Scalability & Performance

Scalability and Performance

Pusher Chatkit launched only two years ago, so it's quite surprising they have to shutdown already, but they had a tought time establishing their product due to the lack of some of the features alternative products like Stream Chat provide out of the box.

Originally, the differentiating factor of Pusher’s Chatkit was its emphasis on real-time functionality, but our plaform connects users in real-time too, and with higher scalability and better performance. The abrupt announcement that Pusher was retiring Chatkit was a surpise to many, us included, but we're here to help!

We know it can be a challenge to migrate to a new plaform within 30 days so we've already created a migration guide that will help you switch to Stream asap while maintaining the functionality that you had with Pusher's Chatkit. We cover how to transfer your members, channels, and messages over to the Stream API as painlessly as possible.

Switch Over to Stream Chat!

Stream Chat is the most fully-featured, scalable and highly performing chat solution in the market. Pusher's shutdown of Chatkit is a curveball for its customers, but it’s also a great opportunity to start using a solution that can better support your business. Again, contact support@getstream.io if you are ready to migrate or if you have any questions.