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Chat API & SDKs for Custom Chat Apps

Build real-time chat in less time. Rapidly ship in-app messaging with our highly reliable chat infrastructure. Drive in-app conversion, engagement, and retention with the Stream Chat messaging platform API & SDKs.

Chat UI & SDKS

Design and build with React Native Chat, React Chat, iOS Swift Chat, Android Chat Flutter Chat and our Chat UI Kit.

Chat threads

White-Label chat with threads and replies you can build structured chat experiences.


Messaging platform with emoji reactions to messages just like Slack, Facebook or iMessage.

Flexible API

Chat API as-a-service with proven reliability that is flexible enough to build any chat experience.

Secure & Encrypted

HIPAA compliant chat that protects patient health information (PHI). Privacy, security and reliability. Learn more about HIPAA CHAT.

We power experiences for over half a billion users with our Feeds API & Chat API

In-App Chat Connects your users in Real-Time

Increase engagement in your community or replace email for your team with in-app chat. Stream’s chat SDK allows you to build anything from a simple chat app or your own Slack alternative. Powerful slash commands, Giphy integration and message attachments provide the building blocks of an engaging web chat experience.

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Giphy, emoticons and File Attachments
  • Threads keep the discussion organized
  • Direct and Group Chats
  • Link previews help users share information
  • Push & Email notifications
  • Search your messages & conversations

Livestream is better when you can chat together

Add live chat to your livestream. Giphy and emoticons give users fun ways to express themselves. AI based auto moderation keeps the conversation civil. Stream supports millions of participants out of the box.

  • Unlimited number of live chat participants
  • AI powered moderation protects your users and your brand
  • Gifs and emoticons give users the best way to express themselves
  • Point in time replay of the chat conversation ?
  • Reactions & threads help keep the conversation organized

Reliable chat infrastructure that drives customer engagement

Support teams require reliable chat that is available for every visitor. Build engaging chat with an infrastructure as a service you can trust to make sure every question gets an answer, and every visitor can convert to a customer.

  • Reliabile Chat-as-a-Service
  • Custom Message Types ?
  • Bot automation and forms ?
  • Best & Flexible Chat API Server ?
All-in-one solution

Chat SDKs & Chat UI Kits
for designers and developers

With Stream’s chat react components, SDKs, and UI kits, product teams can unleash a powerful chat experience on web, or as a mobile app, with just a few lines of code. Maximize your development bandwidth with Stream’s flexible backend messaging API and front-end components.

Flexibility to build chat exactly how you want, unbelievably quickly.

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Key Features


React, React Native iOS and Android UI components allow you to get started quickly.

Run Slash Commands

Slash commands, attachments and forms allow you to build chatbots or automate common tasks.


Add likes or emoji reactions to messages just like Slack, Facebook or iMessage.

Threads & Replies

Enable more in-depth conversation with threads & replies.

  • Search chat messages
  • Reactions
  • Threaded conversations
  • Presence / who is online
  • Message states
  • Typing indicators
  • Message history
  • Private channels
  • Public channels
  • Query channels
  • Spam & profanity protection
  • User Roles
  • @mentions
  • User invites
  • Mute users
  • Ban users
  • Flag message
  • Custom messages
  • Push notifications
  • Webhooks
  • AI driven moderation
  • Unread messages counts
  • Multi region support
  • Security & Legal compliance
  • Custom slash commands
  • Highly available infrastructure
  • React & React native components
  • Giphy integration
  • URL enrichment
  • Video playback
  • Media attachments & resizing
  • Fast response times
  • Dedicated stack is available
  • Millions of participants
  • Fully customizable
  • Unlimited message retention
  • Excellent performance and reliability
  • Enterprise SLA
  • Phone support and SAML
Scalability & Performance

Stream Chat’s worry-free scalability and infrastructure keeps your chat experience always on and available instantly.

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Fast & Flexible

Our Chat UI Kit, Flexible messaging API and React components allow you to build any type of chat for web or mobile in a matter of hours.

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Dedicated Stack

Need physical, not logical separation of your data from others? Choose a dedicated stack option on an enterprise plan.

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Two simple plans for your chat API needs

Standard Chat

$499/mo — No commitment

Scalable, reliable and blazing chat that is feature packed is more affordable than ever before.

  • 25k Monthly Active Users
  • 3,000,000 Messages/month
  • Stream CDN
  • 7,000,000 Messages/storage
  • 1,250 peak concurrent connections

Enterprise Chat

Annual commitment — Get in touch to learn more

Enterprise pricing that gives you the flexibility and customization your app needs.

  • AI powered moderation
  • Phone & Slack support
  • Dedicated stack or private cloud
  • Service level agreements

I made a chat UI kit just for your use case.

When I started researching chat, it became clear that there are five common use cases:

  • Social messaging
  • Email replacement for teams
  • Livestream broadcasts
  • Gaming
  • Sales and support

Each example in the Chat UI Kit is designed for the specific demands of each use case. It is my hope that everyone who uses this chat ui kit finds these examples to be flexible and adaptable to their own application.

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