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Minimal Node Integration to Get You Started with Stream

Let's set you up with a minimal integration service written in NodeJS. Note, this implementation should only be used for testing purposes and is intended to get you started. What this sample offers is a very basic login and sign-up endpoint that interacts with the Stream Chat and Feeds API to supply you with user
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Crafting a Command Line Experience that Developers Love

If you’re setting out to build a highly usable developer tool, it goes without saying that a proper CLI to interface with your API is paramount. As Zeit and Heroku have been setting the tone for these types of developer tools by doing extensive research into best practices when it comes to a command line “experience”, we started our
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Testing Node.js in 2018

Stream powers feeds for over 300+ million end users. With all of those users relying on our infrastructure, we’re very good about testing everything that gets pushed into production. Our primary codebase is written in Go, with some remaining bits of Python. Our recent showcase application, Winds 2.0, is built with Node.js and we quickly
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Building a Node.js Powered API with Express, Mongoose & MongoDB

One of my favorite parts of my job as a Developer Evangelist at Stream is building sample applications. It is an enthralling way to engage and interact with potential and existing customers, as well as show off the fun technology we use and build with every single day. The applications I build range from small
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In Depth Guide on Building a REST API with Node.js, Restify & MongoDB

Update for August 2017: This guide has been updated for Restify 5 and Mongo 3.4 with modern Javascript practices. Clone the Github repo to get the full working project. Choosing the Technology With the multitude of JavaScript frameworks and databases available nowadays, there are countless options for building APIs. For this guide, we're working with
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Building News Feeds & Activity Streams With Meteor

We are happy to announce stream-meteor. This integration library makes it easy to build scalable newsfeeds and activity streams for your Meteor app.
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