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Building Your First Application With Deno

Deno is a recently launched runtime environment for JavaScript and TypeScript used for building modern server-side applications. In this article, you will learn how to build a backend server with Deno. I will show you how to create a live server, create API routes, store environment variables, read and write files in file systems, and
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Rolling a Custom Docs CMS with Slate and Django REST Framework

The Rundown In 2019 we realized we had a big problem here at Stream. Our documentation for Feeds and Chat was outdated, hard to navigate, and difficult to update due to legacy systems that were in place. We made it a goal to set out and build the best documentation site available to the developers
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Prevent Native Race Conditions with React’s Context API

Here on the Stream Services team, we have the pleasure of working with a variety of clients and get to solve exciting challenges daily. This blog post provides a peek into one such occasion by highlighting the intricacies of building a native app in Javascript, and the creative solutions that inevitably must arise to support
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Create a GraphQL API with Node, Mongoose, and Express

GraphQL is a technology that helps developers across the board to build more robust software more quickly. The ability to request all of the information you need in a single request is a game-changer. It has simplified my backend development of APIs for consumption by mobile and web applications that would normally rely on RESTful
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JavaScript: Promises and Why Async/Await Wins the Battle

Asynchronous functions are a good and bad thing in JavaScript. The good side is that asynchronous functions are non-blocking and, therefore, are fast – especially in a Node.js context. The downside is that dealing with asynchronous functions can be cumbersome, as you sometimes have to wait for one function to complete in order to get
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React Fragments - The End of the Wrapper Div

Hi there! I’m Ken. I’m a Developer Advocate over at, where we build personalized and scalable activity feeds. For the last several months, I’ve been working on Winds 2.0, an open-source RSS reader and podcast listening app. It’s built in Node.js, Electron, Redux and React, and as of this writing, has over 5,000 stars
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Building a Node.js Powered API with Express, Mongoose & MongoDB

One of my favorite parts of my job as a Developer Evangelist at Stream is building sample applications. It is an enthralling way to engage and interact with potential and existing customers, as well as show off the fun technology we use and build with every single day. The applications I build range from small
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JavaScript Frontend Framework CLI Showdown

Many modern JavaScript frontend frameworks are complemented by a standalone Command Line Interface (CLI) program that assists with setting up a suitable development environment. Since many developers who work with Stream also use one or more of these frameworks, we like to stay up to date. We're also happy to pass on what we’ve learned.
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Adding TypeScript Type Definitions to the Stream JavaScript API Client Library

TypeScript is a language that Stream has been interested in for quite some time. Over the past year, we've had an increasing number conversations with TypeScript and Angular developers. So naturally, it's been our ambition to eventually distribute Type Definitions for our JavaScript API Client library. That time has come. The process of coding Type
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React/Redux - Best Practices & Gotchas

This is a bonus post in the Cabin tutorial series created by Visit for an overview of all the tutorials, as well as a live demo. The source code can be found on the Stream GitHub repository for Cabin, and all blog posts can be found at their respective links below: Introduction React
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Stream JavaScript & Node Client (V3)

Version 3 of the JavaScript & Node library adds support for new Stream API features, reduces the size of the distributable JavaScript file, creates library documentation pages, and improves browser compatibility of our client.
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