Add Robust Messaging Experiences With Stream’s New Angular Chat SDK


Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Stream’s Angular Chat SDK.

Introducing the Stream Angular SDK

With Stream's new Angular Chat SDK, developers can quickly build and integrate Stream's enterprise-grade chat into any application written in Angular.

Our SDK is built from the ground up to seamlessly integrate and scale with your project. In just a few lines of code, developers can add real-time messaging to their application using familiar Angular patterns like services and dependency injection. Additionally, using the SDK’s UI components, you can easily customize and tailor your app’s chat to fit your brand’s look and feel to match your existing tech stack. Some of the Angular UI components include: Message Composer, Message List, and Channel List. Further, Stream's Angular Chat SDK has a rich feature set, including: error handling and error notifications, support for URL, file, & photo attachments, and message reactions.

To get started, try our Angular SDK tutorial. Additionally, check out our updated documentation for more information on how to integrate, along with the full SDK source code on GitHub.

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If you’re building chat in your next project, our Maker Account gives developers and qualifying startups access to Stream’s Chat API and Activity Feeds API for free.

Apply today) for a free Maker Account and see just how simple it is to integrate chat into your app.

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