Enhance Patient Care: Combine the Nylas Calendar and Stream Chat APIs

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In today’s fast-paced world, where convenience and efficiency are paramount, seamless communication and scheduling have become essential components of applications supporting patient care.

Jeroen L.
Amos G.
Jeroen L. & Amos G.
Published August 11, 2023
Enhance Patient Care: Combine the Nylas Calendar and Stream Chat APIs

In this article, we will explore the power of combining the Nylas Calendar API with the Stream Chat API to showcase the use case of patients and care providers interacting using our products.

By leveraging the unique qualities of Nylas and Stream, the appointment booking process becomes much more streamlined while providing a personalized, contextually rich, and HIPAA compliant chat experience.

The Power of Integrating Nylas and Stream Chat

Nylas and Stream

The Nylas Calendar API is a powerful tool that empowers developers to incorporate appointment scheduling functionality into their applications.

With Nylas, developers gain access to advanced features such as calendar availability, automatic time zone detection, and scheduling coordination. These capabilities simplify the complex task of managing and creating appointments.

The Stream Chat API offers a comprehensive solution for real-time, HIPAA compliant, and interactive telehealth communication.

It provides rich features, including group chat, typing indicators, and message threading. These features create an environment where patients can have direct, real-time conversations with care providers with ultra-low latency. The reliability and scalability of Stream ensures smooth and uninterrupted communication, even in high-traffic scenarios.

Our global edge infrastructure underpinning our chat product is not something created and maintained for a single end-user product, but by leveraging our experience and expertise you can reap its benefits.

Patient-Care Provider Use Case Demo

Planning care appointments

To showcase the power of integrating Nylas and Stream Chat, we have developed a demo iOS app imagining for patients to book appointments with care providers. Our demo app addresses the common challenges associated with scheduling and interaction, ultimately improving the patient experience.

The demo app offers a user-friendly interface where patients can search for care providers based on their specialties, locations, and availability. Leveraging the Nylas Calendar API, the app seamlessly integrates the care providers' calendars, allowing patients to view real-time availability and schedule appointments at their convenience. The Nylas API's reliability and robustness ensure that the scheduling process is efficient and accurate, eliminating the possibility of conflicts or double bookings.

In addition, the app incorporates the Stream Chat API to enable real-time communication between patients and care providers. The Stream Chat API's powerful features enhance the communication experience, allowing patients to have immediate and contextually relevant conversations with care providers. By unifying scheduling and interaction within a single app, patients can seamlessly transition from booking an appointment to engaging in meaningful conversations, creating a holistic and connected experience.

Custom Attachments in Stream Chat

To enhance the communication experience, the demo app utilizes custom attachments within Stream Chat. Custom attachments enable the app to send appointment details to patients in a visually appealing and contextually rich manner. Patients receive rich chat messages that display appointment information and provide quick actions such as confirming or rescheduling appointments directly from the message itself.

The Stream Chat API's support for custom attachments allows the app to deliver appointment-related information in an easily digestible and aesthetically pleasing way. Custom attachments visually represent the appointment details, ensuring that patients can quickly and intuitively understand the information without the need for extensive text-based explanations. This approach reduces cognitive load, increases engagement, and enhances the overall user experience, making it easier for patients to manage their appointments effectively.


Combining the Nylas Calendar API and the Stream Chat API in our iOS demo app exemplifies the power of integrating chat functionality and robust scheduling capabilities. By leveraging the qualities of each API provider, the app streamlines the appointment booking process and enhances patient-care provider interactions.

Nylas Scheduling simplifies appointment management, while Stream Chat fosters immediate and engaging conversations.

Additionally, using custom attachments in Stream Chat allows for a visually appealing and contextually rich delivery of appointment details.

As developers and businesses seek to optimize user experiences in their applications, exploring the unique qualities of API providers like Nylas and Stream becomes crucial. By embracing these tools, they can unlock the power of seamless scheduling and interactive communication, ultimately creating consumer-facing products that elevate user satisfaction and drive business success.

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