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Activity Feeds

Scale Your Feeds
 Without Headaches

Build activity feeds, news feeds, or notification feeds with our enterprise-ready APIs used by hundreds of large companies so they can grow without worrying about scalability, maintenance, or reliability.

example app showing activity feeds api

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Features For Engaged Communities

Ship in-app activity feeds with all the features your users expect.
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example of likes, comments and reactions

Likes, Comments, Reactions

Elevate engagement with support for shares, comments, reactions and their counts.

example of aggregation feeds


Group similar activities automatically together based on your own custom rules.

example of url enrichment

URL Enrichment

Automatically show image, text and video previews of the URLs that users are sending.

example of hashtags and mentions

Hashtags and @mentions

Enhance discovery and encourage new conversations across an entire app.

example of custom ranking

Custom Ranking

Configure your own ranking methods to any given feed group; i.e. show popular content first.


Built-in Realtime

Provide instant feedback to users when the feed content changes or there are new posts to see.

Built by Devs, for Devs

Unmatched Infrastructure Performance for Any Size App

Leverage the API or integrate our libraries and components. We solve the hard scalability and integration problems, with flexible front-end components so you can do more of what you love.

const client = stream.connect(apiKey, null, 'appId');
const ericFeed = client.feed('user', 'eric', token);

// 1 - Add an activity to Eric's user feed. In its simplest form, an activity consists of an actor, a verb, and an object (Tweet in our example).
await ericFeed.addActivity({
  actor: 'eric', 
  tweet: 'Hello world', 
  verb: 'tweet'

// 2 - Users can also follow the the feeds of other users in the application. Jessica will now be able to see the activities posted by Eric. 
const jessicaTimeline = client.feed('timeline', 'jessica', token);
await jessicaTimeline.follow('user', 'eric')

// The setup of Activity Feeds is fully customizable, you can build apps ranging from social where users can follow friends or generalized apps where users can follow stocks, topics, games, artists, etc.

// 3 - Reactions allow users to add comments, likes, and other common actions to Activities. Like Activities, these are also fully customizable.
const like = await client.reactions.add("like", 'eric-hello-world', {});

Modern SDKs

Activity Feed Cloud Components

Ship fully-featured, polished social experiences today that takes other companies years to build in-house.

Solutions for Every Use Case

example of Feeds Personalization

Feeds Personalization

Stream Personalization for feeds, email, discovery and recommendations. Dynamically improve user experience, enhancing your app's engagement, retention, and conversion.

Example of Notification Feeds

Notification Feeds

Build real-time notification feed systems. Stream's Notification Feed is the easiest way to add a notification feed to your site or app. Aggregation, real-time, follows, counts, and react components enable you to build a highly relevant notification center.

example of community feeds

Community Feeds

Create engaged communities by posting content, reacting, and commenting. Ranking algorithms and custom ranking optimize the best content so followers stay engaged.

Why Stream Feeds

Enterprise Scalability

Proven scalability for apps with more than 100 million users. 99.999% uptime SLA available on enterprise plans.

API Infrastructure

Our 9ms avg API response time infrastructure is built with GOlang, RocksDB and Raft. Confidently build any kind of Activity Feed without the scalability headaches.

Trusted for Excellence

Stream is trusted by hundreds of teams and more than a billion end-users to reliably scale, regardless of demand.

Feature Complete

Feed ranking, aggregation, reactions, URL enrichment, follows/unfollows and real-time updates give users everything they expect from a sophisticated activity feed experience.

Docs and SDKs

Always up-to-date Docs assist your integrations with our API along with our powerful and feature-rich SDKs and Components.


Tailor feeds, follow suggestions and recommendations through our customized feed edgerank to improve discovery and engagement.

Global Edge Network

Unlike traditional cloud infrastructure, the performance of the Stream Chat platform doesn’t rely on users' proximity to a regional data center. That means latencies are up to 5 times lower and fewer errors are caused by poor WiFi or mobile connectivity.

  • Low latency
  • e2e Encryption via TLS
  • BGP + DNS routing
  • 99.999% uptime
example of edge network globe and nodes

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