Wrap up and Conclusion

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We got a lot done in relatively little time when building this application. Using APIs and frameworks from specialists in their respective fields helped us to save time and effort. It is only a guess, but if we had to create everything we have achieved without using the third-party providers, we would likely have to spend ten times as much time to achieve the same results.

What did you learn in this tutorial?

We covered:

Building on top of other people’s code comes with its own unique set of challenges. But we think the advantages and velocity gained are definitely worth it if you’re trying to ship an application without having to spend countless hours on every micro-feature.

We also would like to thank our partners in the process of bringing this app to life. We could rely on their team members for guidance and support, just like you would get if you decide to become a customer of any or all of our partners.

In no particular order, our partners are:

In the end, we achieved more using APIs to bring this app together, considering the available timeframe, than what we set out to do. It is great because it proves the value of relying on third-party vendors. Just make sure you select solid third parties with positive developer experience and services like the product we worked with in our project.

We encourage you to clone the completed project from our GitHub repository to explore all the features we integrated into the app. As a challenge, you can try building the project in your framework of choice and tagging us on Twitter (@getstream_io). A great advantage of using components as we did in this series is you are not limited to only SwiftUI and iOS, all of these services offer SDKs in other frameworks and languages like React, Flutter, and Android.

We used our Chat and Feeds products when building this project. Check them out if you want to integrate messaging and activity feeds into your apps.

Thank you for following along and building with us. We can't wait to see your apps!