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Supporting Feeds for over 50 Million Users

Stream API User
Yohan Hartanto Sr. Engineer, Twitter

Integrating with getstream.io allows us to ramp up a notification platform at large scale very quickly, so we can focus on other core features.

Stream API User
Todd Cronin Founder, Bandsintown

Stoked on what we are doing with Stream on @bandsintown. Great product these guys are building. They helped us build something extremely complicated that would have taken too many man hours otherwise.

Stream API User
Matt Webster CTO at Global Citizen

At Global Citizen (globalcitizen.org), we are connecting people and organizations who want to change the world. When it came time to build activity streams that showed the actions that millions of global citizens are taking to end extreme poverty, adopting Stream was a no-brainer. In a few, short development sprints we were able to deliver a solution that scaled to support our large user community in a fraction of the time it would have taken to build a similar solution ourselves. I would use Stream again in a heartbeat.

Stream API User
Dharmesh Shah Founder, Hubspot

Fantastic technical team building a service that I could use for a couple of projects myself some day.

Stream API User
Jud Valeski Founder, GNIP

The feed UI content consumption metaphor is here to stay and saas'ing that is a natural evolution. Adding a feedback loop to it in a generic manner is a huge opportunity; simplifies the lives of developers and product owners in a huge way!

Stream API User
Dan Kantor VP, Rhapsody

For years I've struggled to build and scale a feed. Stream is the type of product I've been searching for.

Stream API User
Richard Talens Founder Fitocracy/ Guild

Wow you guys are absolutely awesome. Thanks! :))))

For context, I'm launching a site called "Guild" in January. It's essentially like Fitocracy (gamified fitness platform that I co-founded) except for all skills, such as personal finance, starting a business, etc. Had tons of problems scaling with Fitocracy and writing/rewriting our stream took months, so this solution is literally miraculous to me. Can't wait to give you guys my money, ha! Thanks again for an awesome product.

Stream API User
Todd Troxell Principal Engineer at Pocket

I can say first hand that building a highly scalable feed system is a big project. Stream is a very well executed feed framework backed by an open source project, and I'd definitely consider using it for future projects.

Stream API User
Axel Manzano Developer

Thanks @getstream_io we pushed live a new feature and without your service it would have take ages to build, our @goodgym runners appreciate

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I export my data?

Your data is always yours. If you want to export it from Stream we’ll write a backup to an S3 bucket of your choosing. Our open source Stream-Framework also gives you a good starting point for building your own solution.

What defines a feed update?

The number of feed updates depends on how many activities you publish via the API and the number of users who follow those feeds. If you add an activity to a feed that is followed by 50 other feeds, this will trigger 51 feed updates.

How does Stream compare with an in-house solution?

Stream uses highly optimized Cassandra infrastructure to process the feeds. This allows us to charge a comparatively low price. In most cases a solution built in house will cost far more to operate. Stream's cost advantage becomes even larger when you take development and maintenance costs into account.

Can Stream scale?

The team behind Stream has authored the popular open source Stream-Framework and managed activity streams at successful startups. Stream scales well and allows you to retrieve your feed quickly whether you have 3 or 3 million users.

How do I know you are not going to lose my data?

Stream runs on a Cassandra cluster with built-in replication. It stores your data in at least 3 places across multiple availability zones. This makes it unlikely that your data is lost. On top of that we do offsite backups and allow you to export your data.

Do you have a pricing example?

Assume that your social app has 50.000 users. These users add 60.000 activities per month and are on average followed by 50 people. This would lead to approximately 3 million feed updates per month (60.000 * 50). Note that the actual usage will vary heavily based on your user’s activity and how connected your network is.

Fair usage

Stream's pricing is based on feed updates. We have a fair usage policy for the number of API requests, activities and follow relationships. For the Hacker plan this soft limit is currently set to 100,000 activities and 100,000 follow relationships. You can perform 100,000 monthly API requests. The soft limits for the Pro and Premium are 2 and 4 times as high respectively. Higher limits are available on our custom plans.


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