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Message threads

Threads Overview

The SwiftUI SDK supports replying to messages in threads. The default "reply in thread" action opens a new screen, where the message and its replies are shown, in a user interface similar to the message list. Additionally, the composer in this view has a possibility to also send the message in the main channel or group.

View Customizations

Changing the Message Replies View

The MessageRepliesView is shown below a message, when there are thread replies to it. Tapping on it opens up the thread view.

In order to customize the MessageRepliesView, you will need to implement the makeMessageRepliesView in the ViewFactory. Here's an example how to do that:

func makeMessageRepliesView(
channel: ChatChannel,
message: ChatMessage,
replyCount: Int
) -> some View {
channel: channel,
message: message,
replyCount: replyCount

Note that this method swaps the whole view, including the navigation link. This gives you a chance to present the thread in different ways (for example push navigation - like the default behaviour, sheet, full screen cover, etc).

Changing the Thread Header

The default header shows a static text, implying that you are in a thread. You can easily swap this header with your own implementation. To do this, you need to implement the makeMessageThreadHeaderViewModifier method in the ViewFactory. Here's how the default implementation looks like:

class CustomViewFactory: ViewFactory {

func makeMessageThreadHeaderViewModifier() -> some MessageThreadHeaderViewModifier {


/// The default message thread header.
public struct DefaultMessageThreadHeader: ToolbarContent {
@Injected(\.fonts) private var fonts
@Injected(\.colors) private var colors

public var body: some ToolbarContent {
ToolbarItem(placement: .principal) {
VStack {

/// The default message thread header modifier.
public struct DefaultMessageThreadHeaderModifier: MessageThreadHeaderViewModifier {

public func body(content: Content) -> some View {
content.toolbar {

Swapping the SendInChannelView

The default SendInChannelView has a checkmark and a text describing the view's action. If needed, you can replace this with your own implementation. To do this, you would need to implement the makeSendInChannelView, where you receive the binding of the boolean property indicating whether the checkmark is ticked. Additionally, you receive information whether the message is in a direct message channel or a group.

class CustomViewFactory: ViewFactory {
func makeSendInChannelView(
showReplyInChannel: Binding<Bool>,
isDirectMessage: Bool
) -> some View {
sendInChannel: showReplyInChannel,
isDirectMessage: isDirectMessage

Swapping the Message Threads View

If you don't prefer the message threads to look similarly to the message list, you can completely swap the message thread destination. In order to do this, you would need to implement the makeMessageThreadDestination method in the ViewFactory. In this method, you will need to return a closure that makes the thread destination. In the closure, the chat channel and message are provided, to identify the correct message thread.

class CustomViewFactory: ViewFactory {
public func makeMessageThreadDestination() -> (ChatChannel, ChatMessage) -> ChatChannelView<Self> {
{ [unowned self] channel, message in
let channelController = chatClient.channelController(
for: channel.cid,
messageOrdering: .topToBottom
let messageController = chatClient.messageController(
cid: channel.cid,
return CustomChatChannelView(
viewFactory: self,
channelController: channelController,
messageController: messageController

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