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Event Controllers


EventsController allows you subscribe to the system events published by the SDK.

Publishers in EventsController#

The allEventsPublisher will emit a new value every time an event is published by the SDK.

 eventsController                .allEventsPublisher                .sink {                     print($0) // Process the event here                }.store(in: &cancellables)

The EventsController also allows you to subscribe to specific events using the public func eventPublisher<T: Event>(_ eventType: T.Type) method. This method returns a publisher that can be used to observe a specific event of type T.

 // Subscribe for `MessageUpdatedEvent`eventsController                .eventPublisher(MessageUpdatedEvent.self) // The type of the event you want to observe                .filter { [messageId = messageController.messageId] in                     $0.messageId == messageId                 }                .sink {                     print($0) // Process the update to the message                }                .store(in: &cancellables)

Example: Subscribing to the MessageNewEvent#

class YourCustomChannelListVC: ChatChannelListVC {    var eventsController: EventsController!    var cancellables: Set<AnyCancellable> = []        override func viewDidLoad() {        super.viewDidLoad()                eventsController = controller.client.eventsController()        eventsController            .eventPublisher(MessageNewEvent.self)            .receive(on: RunLoop.main)            .sink { messageNewEvent in                // do what you need with the event                print(messageNewEvent.messageId)            }    }}

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