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Message Avatar View

Injecting Custom Avatar View

The default avatar shown for the message sender in the SDK is a rounded image with the user's photo. You can change the look and feel of this component, as well as introduce additional elements.

To do this, you need to implement the makeMessageAvatarView of the ViewFactory and return your custom view. Here's an example on how to create a custom avatar with rounded rectangle clip shape.

import StreamChat
import NukeUI
import Nuke

struct CustomUserAvatar: View {
var avatarURL: URL?

public var body: some View {
ZStack {
if let url = avatarURL {
LazyImage(source: url)
.clipShape(RoundedRectangle(cornerRadius: 8))
.frame(width: 40, height: 40)
} else {
Image(systemName: "")
.frame(width: 40, height: 40)


After the view is created, you need to provide it in your custom factory, and afterwards inject the factory in our view hierarchy.

class CustomFactory: ViewFactory {

@Injected(\.chatClient) public var chatClient

init() {}

func makeMessageAvatarView(for userDisplayInfo: UserDisplayInfo) -> some View {
CustomUserAvatar(avatarURL: userDisplayInfo.avatarURL)


With this, you can have a custom avatar view in the message list view. You can also use the name and the user id from the UserDisplayInfo, in case you want to present additional information in the avatar view.

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