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Message inline replies

Inline Replies Overview

The SwiftUI SDK has support for inline message replies. These replies are invoked either by swiping left on a message, or via long pressing a message and selecting the "Reply" action. When a message is quoted, it appears in the message composer, as an indication which message the user is replying to.

Customizing the Quoted Message

When a message appears as quoted in the composer, you can customize both the header and the quoted message with the user avatar. The header is at the top of the composer, and by default it has a title and a button to remove the quoted message from the composer. To swap this view with your own implementation, you need to implement the makeQuotedMessageHeaderView method in the ViewFactory, which passes a binding of the quoted chat message.

public func makeQuotedMessageHeaderView(
quotedMessage: Binding<ChatMessage?>
) -> some View {
CustomQuotedMessageHeaderView(quotedMessage: quotedMessage)

Another customization that can be done is to swap the preview of the message shown in the composer, as well as in the message list (when it's sent). The default implementation is able to present several different attachments, such as text, image, video, gifs, links and files. The UI consists of small image and either the message text (if present), or a description for the attachment.

In order to swap this UI, you need to implement the makeQuotedMessageView method in the ViewFactory.

func makeQuotedMessageView(
quotedMessage: ChatMessage,
fillAvailableSpace: Bool,
isInComposer: Bool,
scrolledId: Binding<String?>
) -> some View {
quotedMessage: quotedMessage,
fillAvailableSpace: fillAvailableSpace,
isInComposer: isInComposer,
scrolledId: scrolledId

The parameters provided in this method are:

  • quotedMessage - the quoted message that will be displayed.
  • fillAvailableSpace - whether the view should take whole available space (e.q. when it contains attachments).
  • isInComposer - whether the quoted message is displayed in the composer, in case you want to distinguish it from being displayed in the message list.
  • scrolledId - binding that allows you to scroll to the original place where the quoted message was sent.

If you only want to customize the message avatar, without changing the whole quoted message view, you can implement the makeQuotedMessageAvatarView. This method is called with UserDisplayInfo that you can use to populate the avatar's data, as well as the required size for this view. Note, if you don't set this size in your implementation, the view might not fit in the quoted message composer view.

func makeQuotedMessageAvatarView(
for userDisplayInfo: UserDisplayInfo,
size: CGSize
) -> some View {
MessageAvatarView(avatarURL: userDisplayInfo.imageURL, size: size)

Finally, we need to inject the your CustomFactory in our view hierarchy.

var body: some Scene {
WindowGroup {
ChatChannelListView(viewFactory: CustomFactory.shared)

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