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Message Display Options

With the MessageDisplayOptions, you can also customize the transitions applied to the message views. The default message view transition in the SDK is identity. You can use the other default ones, such as scale, opacity and slide, or you can create your own custom transitions. Here's an example how to do this:

var customTransition: AnyTransition {
insertion: .move(edge: .trailing),
removal: .move(edge: .leading)

let messageDisplayOptions = MessageDisplayOptions(
currentUserMessageTransition: customTransition,
otherUserMessageTransition: customTransition

For link attachments, you can control the link text attributes (font, font weight, color) based on the message. Here's an example of how to change the link color based on the message sender, with the messageLinkDisplayResolver:

let messageDisplayOptions = MessageDisplayOptions(messageLinkDisplayResolver: { message in
let color = message.isSentByCurrentUser ? :

return [
NSAttributedString.Key.foregroundColor: color
let messageListConfig = MessageListConfig(messageDisplayOptions: messageDisplayOptions)
let utils = Utils(messageListConfig: messageListConfig)

let streamChat = StreamChat(chatClient: chatClient, utils: utils)

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