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A common way of highlighting unexpected behaviors in Swift is by using assertions.

Inside the Stream SDKs, we use wrappers around it (log.assert/log.assertionFailure). This is because we want to allow the integrators to silence those if they want to.

You can change that behavior by changing the value for assertionsEnabled as follows:

StreamRuntimeCheck.assertionsEnabled = true

The default value for this property is false

Independently of the value of this flag, a message will always be printed in the console.


When enabling Stream assertions, the default behavior of assertions still apply:

  • In playgrounds and -Onone builds (the default for Xcode’s Debug configuration): If the condition evaluates to false, stop program execution in a state ready for the debugger after printing the message.
  • In -O builds (the default for Xcode’s Release configuration), the condition is not evaluated, and there are no effects.
  • In -Ounchecked builds, the condition is not evaluated, but the optimizer may assume that it always evaluates to true. Failure to satisfy that assumption is a serious programming error.

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