Announcing the Release of Stream’s React Native v2.0 SDK

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Tess G.
Tess G.
Published October 29, 2020 Updated April 19, 2021

We are proud to announce the public v2.0 availability of our React Native SDK for Stream Chat. This release provides many improvements to performance, better context, and prop support across the SDK features.

Most importantly, the React Native SDK is now completely rewritten in TypeScript. With TypeScript growing in popularity over the last four years (60% of js developers now use typescript), we have chosen to rewrite the SDK in TypeScript to ensure type-safety for easier-to-read code and debugging.

Below is a list of all the improvements in this release, or you can check out release notes on GitHub.

  • Overall performance, stability, and customization improvements throughout
  • Catch errors on the fly with full TypeScript support – all updates are referenced here
  • New keyboard props allow for full customization over the default keyboard on a per-channel basis
  • Access to the TextInput ref in a child component using ref forwarding
  • Dates are no longer opinionated and are easily customizable by passing a prop for formatting
  • Channel context has been decoupled into three separate contexts to reduce renders as items in context change
  • A higher-order component now provides access to context and any data within

Note: If you are currently using a 1.x.x release React Native SDK for Stream Chat, please review the Upgrade Helper, as there are breaking changes in this release.

Some additional resources to support this update can be found here:

We hope that you enjoy our latest release of our React Native SDK as much as we do. Happy coding!

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