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SDK Size Impact

When developing a mobile app, one crucial performance metric is app size. An app’s size can be difficult to accurately measure with multiple variants and device spreads. Once measured, it’s even more difficult to understand and identify what’s contributing to size bloat.

This document provides an analysis of the impact of adding StreamVideo and StreamVideoSwiftUI iOS SDKs to an existing mobile application. The analysis includes the size of the SDKs and the impact on the app's binary size.

SDK Information

Download Size:4.20 MB2.85 MB
Installed Size:4.74 MB3.35 MB


The following analysis was conducted using the mdls -n kMDItemPhysicalSize command in the Terminal after building the app with and without the SDK.

  1. SwiftVideo

    w/o frameworkwith frameworkdifference
    App Size (Release)13_463_55218_440_1924_976_640
  2. StreamVideoSwiftUI

    w/o frameworkwith frameworkdifference
    App Size (Release)13_463_55216_986_1123_522_560

The tables above show the impact of integrating the SDKs on the app's binary size, in bytes.


Based on the analysis conducted, both StreamVideo and StreamVideoSwiftUI SDKs are lightweight and optimized for optimal performance. We are confident that our Video SDKs will enhance the functionality of your app without compromising its performance or increasing its binary size significantly.

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