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Joining & Creating Calls

Creating a call

You create a call by specifying a "call type" and a call id.

let call = "default", callId: "123")
let result = try await call.create()

The call type controls which features are enabled, and sets up permissions.

For the call id there are a few things to note:

  • You can reuse the same call multiple times.
  • If you have a unique id for the call we recommend passing that as the id.
  • If you don't have a unique id you can leave it empty and we'll generate one for you.

As an example, if you're building a telemedicine app calls will be connected to an appointment. Using your own appointment id as the call id makes it easy to find the call later.

Joining a call

Joining a call sets up the realtime communication for audio and video.

let call = "default", callId: "123")
let result = try await call.join()


Basic CRUD operations are available on the call object

// create
let call = "default", callId: "123")
let result = try await call.create()

// update
let custom: [String: RawJSON] = ["secret": .string("secret")]
let updateResult = try await call.update(custom: custom)

// get
let getResult = try await call.get()

Call Create Options

Here's a more complete example that shows how to create a call with members and custom data that starts tomorrow and is limited to our team:

let members = ["thierry", "tommaso"]
let call = "default", callId: UUID().uuidString)

let result = try await call.create(
memberIds: members,
custom: ["color": .string("red")],
startsAt: .day, value: 1, to: Date()),
team: "stream",
ring: true,
notify: false

Members are permanently associated with a call. It allows you to:

  • Restrict the ability to join a call only to members
  • Send a push notification to members when the call starts

The following options are supported when creating a call:

memberIdsA list of users ids to add as members to this call.nil
membersA list of members to add to this call. You can specify the role and custom data on these members.nil
customAny custom data you want to store.nil
startsAtWhen the call will start. Used for calls scheduled in the future, livestreams, audio rooms etc.nil
teamRestrict the access to this call to a specific team.nil
ringIf you want the call to ring for each member.false
notifyIf you want the call to nofiy each member by sending push notification.false

Querying Members

You can query the members of the call. This is helpful if you have thousands of members in a call and want to paginate.

let filters: [String: RawJSON] = ["user_id": .string("jaewoong")]
let response = try await call.queryMembers(
filters: filters,
sort: [SortParamRequest.descending("created_at")],
limit: 5

You can filter the member list on these fields, and sort on the selected fields. Note that you can also query on custom data for the member or the user.

OptionDescriptionSorting Supported
user_idThe user's id.Yes
roleThe member's role.No
customThe custom data on the member.No
created_atWhen the member was created.Yes
updated_atWhen the member was last updated.No

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