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Call's recording features

In some cases, you want to be able to record a meeting and share the recording with the participants later on. The StreamVideo SDK has support for this use-case.

In order to support this feature, you will need to use the Call's recording features, available after you join a call.

Recording state

The recording state of the call is available via the CallViewModel's recordingState published property. It's an enum, which has the following values:

  • noRecording - default value, there's no recording on the call.
  • requested - recording was requested by the current user.
  • recording - recording is in progress.

If you are not using our CallViewModel, you can also listen to this state via the Call's property recordingState.

Start a recording

To start a recording, you need to call the startRecording method of the call:

func startRecording() {
Task {
try await call.startRecording()

This will change the current recording state of the call to requested. Since it takes several seconds before the recording is started, it's best to handle this state by presenting a progress indicator to provide a better user experience.

After the recording is started, the recordingState changes to recording.

Stop a recording

To stop a recording, you need to call the stopRecording method of the Call:

func stopRecording() {
Task {
try await call.stopRecording()

This will change the current recording state of the call to noRecording.

Recording events

You can listen to the recording events and show visual indications to the users based on these events, by subscribing to the async stream of the recordingEvents:

func subscribeToRecordingEvents() {
Task {
for await event in call.subscribe() {
switch event {
case .typeCallRecordingStartedEvent(let recordingStartedEvent):
log.debug("received an event \(recordingStartedEvent)")
/* handle recording event */
case .typeCallRecordingStoppedEvent(let recordingStoppedEvent):
log.debug("received an event \(recordingStoppedEvent)")
/* handle recording event */

Search recordings

You can search for recordings in a video call, using the Call's listRecordings method:

func loadRecordings() {
Task {
self.recordings = try await call.listRecordings()

This will return a list of recordings, that contains information about the filename, URL, as well as the start and end time. You can use the URL to present the recording in a player. Here's an example in SwiftUI:

import SwiftUI
import StreamVideo
import AVKit

struct PlayerView: View {

let recording: CallRecording

var body: some View {
Group {
if let url = URL(string: recording.url) {
VideoPlayer(player: AVPlayer(url: url))
} else {
Text("Video can't be loaded")

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