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Welcome to the Stream Video React Native SDK - a comprehensive toolkit designed to help you swiftly implement features such as video calling, audio calling, audio rooms, and livestreaming within your app. Our goal is to ensure an optimal developer experience that enables your application to go live within days.

Our React Native SDK comes with user-friendly UI components, easy-to-use React hooks, and context providers/wrappers, making your development process seamless. Moreover, all calls are routed through Stream's global edge network, ensuring lower latency and higher reliability due to proximity to end users.

If you're new to Stream React Native Video SDK, we recommend starting with the following three tutorials, depending on your requirements:

After the tutorials, the documentation explains how to use:

  • Core concepts such as initiating a call, switching the camera view, and more
  • Effective utilization of our UI components
  • Insights on building your own UI with our UI Cookbook

It also explains advanced features such as:

If you feel like anything is missing or could be improved, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're happy to help.

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