User Presence

Last Edit: Feb 02 2020

User presence allows you to show when a user was last active and if they are online right now. Whenever you read a user the data will look like this:

    id: 'unique_user_id',
    online: true,
    status: 'Eating a veggie burger...',
    last_active: '2019-01-07T13:17:42.375Z'
The online field indicates if the user is online. The status field stores text indicating the current user status.


To mark a user invisible simply set the invisible property to true. You can also set a custom status message at the same time:

// mark a user as invisible
await client.setUser({
    id: 'unique_user_id',
    invisible: true
When invisible is set to true, the current user will appear as offline to other users.

Listening to Presence Changes

Of course, you want to listen to the user presence changes. This allows you to show a user as offline when they leave and update their status in real time. These 3 endpoints allow you to watch user presence:

// If you pass presence: true to it will watch the list of user presence changes.
// Note that you can listen to at most 10 users using this API call
const channel ='messaging', 'my-conversation-123', {
    members: ['john', 'jack'],
    color: 'green'

const state = await{ presence: true });

// queryChannels allows you to listen to the members of the channels that are returned
// so this does the same thing as above and listens to online status changes for john and jack
const channels = await client.queryChannels(
    { color: 'green' },
    { last_message_at: -1 },
    { presence: true }

// queryUsers allows you to listen to user presence changes for john and jack
const users = await client.queryUsers({
    id: {
      $in: [
    { id: -1 }, 
    { presence: true }

A users online status change can be handled via event delegation by subscribing to the  user.presence.changed event the same you do for any other event.