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7 React and Redux Tutorials
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Learn React & Redux With Cabin

These 7 tutorials teach you how to build a feature-rich, scalable social network app using React and Redux. The first 6 tutorials are available today. Enter your email to stay up to date about the upcoming posts:

Maximizing Efficiency

Built With These Great Services

Cabin is built using React and Redux. Stream powers the feed technology, Algolia search, Mapbox the custom maps, Keen analytics and ImgIX the image resizing. These APIs are powerful and scalable and allow you to build a fully featured app.

API partners used in this full stack app tutorial
Topics Covered

Getting Started

    Step 1 →
  • Full-Stack Node & React Application Structure
  • Webpack Overview & Basics
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    Step 3 →
  • Redux Overview
  • State vs DOM Manipulation
  • Redux Fundamentals
  • Reducers & Actions
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    Step 4 →
  • Feeds powered by Getstream.io
  • Stream Overview
  • Adding Activities
  • Enriching Data
  • Aggregation
  • Realtime Notifications
Imgix logo

Image Processing

    Step 5 →
  • Image hosting by ImgIx.com
  • Setup
  • Image Adjustments
  • Instagram-Like Filters
Keen logo


    Step 6 →
  • Analytics with Keen
  • State vs DOM Manipulation
  • Redux Fundamentals
  • Reducers & Actions
Algolia logo


    Step 7 →
  • Search powered by Algolia
  • Overview of Algolia
  • Implementing Server Side
  • Implementing Client Side
  • Awesome Search Options
Mapbox logo


    Step 8 →
  • Custom maps with Mapbox.com
  • Client & Server Side Setups
  • Integration Tips
  • Mapbox Product Breakdowns
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Cloud Server

    Step 9 →
  • Hosting through DigitalOcean
  • Automating Deployments
  • Process Management with pm2
  • Terraform Configuration
Bonus tips for React & Redux

React/Redux - Best Practices & Gotchas

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