12 Top APIs for Virtual Events

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These top APIs offer elegant solutions to register attendees for virtual events, and create engaging features such as Q&As and surveys.

Jenna B.
Jenna B.
Published March 5, 2021 Updated April 7, 2022
Virtual Event APIs

Dozens of new virtual event platforms launched at breakneck speed in 2020 to support the many events transitioning in-person gatherings to digital. Even established virtual event platforms geared into development mode in early 2020 to add competitive features and functionality (think: live streaming, in-app messaging, activity feeds, polls, dynamic networking, and more) to stand out in an increasingly crowded virtual event software marketplace.

Smart platform builders are streamlining their development cycles by integrating event-specific API solutions to create must-have features. Compared with creating functionality such as event registration, chat, or activity feeds from the ground up, developers can shave months (if not years) from their product’s time-to-market by using API and SDK solutions. Additionally, leveraging APIs to add functionality to a platform frees engineers to focus on other unique features and experiences that differentiates their virtual event platform from others, such as design and UI/UX. Often, the buy versus build decision errs on the side of buying functionality through a best-in-class provider.

Several virtual event platforms provide their own APIs as a way to help users get more out of their software, too. We included several here.

Use this list of event-specific APIs to help inform your virtual event platform roadmap. These APIs are divided into two main categories: APIs that broadly relate to event registration and attendee management, and APIs that generally help improve a virtual event’s attendee interactivity through surveys, polls, and Q&As. Learn more about each API’s use terms by clicking on the included link.

Registration & Attendance APIs

Simplify the complicated business of registering attendees — and making sure they actually log on to your online event with calendar invites, notifications and follow-ups — with these APIs.

Convier API

“Convier” is French for “to invite,” and that’s exactly what the Convier API helps event organizers do. The REST API allows developers to easily send event invitations, and exchange calendar information in an iCalendar format.

Eventbrite API

Eventbrite, the global self-service ticketing platform, offers a rich REST-based API for developers to access core data such as attendees, organizations, venues, orders, order questions, and much more. The Eventbrite API also enables developers to embed a customized ticket checkout experience in a website or app. Returns responses in JSON.

Explara's Event API

Available in multiple programming languages including jQuery, Python, Ruby, and Go, Explara’s Event API allows users to manage event ticketing along multiple attendee touchpoints, including registration, user logins, and RSVPs to certain workshops and keynotes.

eZ-Event API

Ez-Xpo’s eZ-Event API streamlines event registration logistics by integrating attendee details with email campaigns, webinars, CRM, and master event calendars. The API also prompts registrants to set up their own virtual event profiles and schedule. Integrates well with Eventbrite.

Facebook Official Event API

Facebook’s Official Event API helps event organizers publish events at scale — and to multiple pages — to reach more people who could be interested in your event topic. Event creators can also leverage Facebook’s notification technology to stay in touch with attendees as the in-person or virtual event approaches.

Webinato Event Registration API

This Webinato API helps developers create custom event registration pages, accept payment, process refunds, and authenticate and track registrants. Also check out Webinato’s popular single-sign on (SSO) API, which verifies attendee memberships so they can register for recurring events without having to remember a password.

In-Event Engagement APIs

Unlike in-person events, which provide natural stimuli to attendees, excellent virtual events must boost user attention and engagement through dynamic methods such as in-app polling, Q&As, networking games and more. These APIs help stave off boredom, and keep attendees engaged during virtual events.

Accelevents API

Accelevents offers a robust REST-based API covering registration, check-in, sessions, speakers, exhibitors, gamification, and more. You can build an entire virtual or in-person platform on top of their APIs or embed a variety of components into your site.

Coda API

Part Google Docs, part Excel spreadsheet, Coda’s interactive documents promote lively discussion and engagement during virtual gatherings. Coda’s RESTful API allows users to create new documents, copy existing ones, and read, insert, update and delete rows.

Cvent Survey API

An important component of virtual events is weighing attendee, exhibitor and sponsor satisfaction. This Survey RESTful API from the virtual event provider Cvent, helps developers search for surveys and retrieve their associated questions and responses. This API uses JSON-encoded request and response format.

Meeting Pulse API

Boost the interactivity of your online sessions with Meeting Pulse’s dynamic solution that can be implemented either through a simple iframe embed, generating access tokens via an API, or adding a widget to your site. Features include live Q&A and polling, raffles, quizzes, surveys and more.

Pathable API

Pathable is a virtual event platform that specializes in interactive education and 1:1 networking that fosters meaningful attendee connections. The Pathable API allows users to find, pull and modify event data, including responses to survey questions and in-app polls.

Survey Monkey API

This popular survey provider’s RESTful API allows developers to access survey data and integrate it into apps, platforms and marketing campaigns. The Survey Monkey API helps developers add, change or delete questions and responses, and can even translate survey questions into different languages for multilingual surveys. Returns responses in JSON.

Go To Market Faster with APIs

APIs are a key way virtual event platforms can provide an elegant end-user experience. And with intuitive SDKs, virtual event APIs can quickly integrate into online event solutions, and go-to-market rapidly.

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