Stream’s Latest SDK for Unity Engine Unites Players Through In-Game Chat

Stream’s latest SDK helps Unity developers create in-game chat experiences that transform gameplay into a social environment.

Emily R.
Emily R.
Published February 8, 2022 Updated May 5, 2022
Unity SDK

Unity is one of the most popular gaming engines on the market, beloved by indie developers and AAA studios alike. The engine is largely considered beginner friendly with its robust documentation and streamlined user interface. However, designing a game from scratch can be quite an undertaking regardless of your level of experience.

Inspired by Unity’s emphasis on accessibility, we created an SDK to further simplify the creation of key game components for Unity developers.

In-game chat is essential to video games that strive to build a strong social community. Creating an engaging environment for players to connect strengthens the quality of gameplay and boosts the performance metrics that mean the most to your studio, like player retention, conversions, and lifetime value.

Stream’s latest SDK makes it easy for Unity developers to incorporate in-game chat functionality into their development process from the start.

By leveraging Stream’s Unity SDK, developers can significantly lower the difficulty of integrating a third-party chat solution into their games. The SDK provides a low-level client written in C# that is highly detailed, enabling programmers to create a truly customized solution by manipulating its functions at a granular level. We have equipped the SDK to handle and maintain a reliable connection and send and receive real-time events using WebSockets — the cornerstone of a modern, highly responsive chat application.

The supported features for Stream’s Unity Chat SDK include:

  • Channel Management: Create, update, delete, truncate, mute/unmute, show/hide, watch/unwatch, and query members with the option to sort and filter.
  • Messages: Send, update, and delete messages.
  • User Management: Create, update, delete, and query users with the option to sort and filter.
  • Essential Moderation Tools: Flag (and unflag) messages for moderator review, ban and unban users.

Less than a month after the launch of our Unreal SDK, we are excited to offer our customers a chat solution for Unity. We’ve harnessed the power of Unity Engine to create an SDK for developers to produce games that are as engaging as they are enjoyable. In order to make gaming chat accessible for organizations of all sizes, pricing is based on the number of monthly active users (MAU) in the chat. Stream also offers a free tier for personal dev projects and qualifying early-stage startups — learn more and activate your free Maker Account today.

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