Announcing Winds 2.1 — More Features, Stability, and Pure Awesomeness 👏

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Nick P.
Nick P.
Published June 20, 2018 Updated February 27, 2020

Over the course of the past several weeks, our team has been mesmerized by the tremendous growth of Winds 2.0. Closing in on 5,500 GitHub Stars, Winds has quickly become the #1 open-source RSS & Podcast application on GitHub in the open-source community.

Shortly after launching Winds 2.0, we moved fast with support for web, macOS, Windows, and Linux. We were even featured in the Ubuntu Snap Store (kudos to you, Ubuntu).

With all of the amazing growth we’re seeing, our team is heads down, coding out the next round of features, and ensuring that Winds will become the best RSS and Podcast app on the internet.

We’re off to great start, and things will only get better from here on out. With that said, I’m happy to announce Winds 2.1, which is full of additional features, and stability improvements.

Available in Winds v2.1:

  • Direct download for your operating system (macOS, Windows, Linux) 📩
  • A fully functional web version of the app 🖥
  • Video support for your Youtube and Ted video addiction 🎬
  • Improvements to OPML imports 👨‍💻
  • Ability to skip the on-boarding process 👯
  • macOS touch bar support for podcasts 🎧
  • Countless stability and performance improvements 🐌

Have a great idea for the next iteration of Winds? We’re listening. Drop a line here and we’ll take it into consideration.

If you haven’t had a chance to try Winds yet, head on over to and give it a shot — we promise you won’t be disappointed. If you have any questions about Winds, just drop them in the comments below.

Happy Procrastination!