Announcing Stream 2.0 and Multi-Region Support

·Updated Jun 20, 2021

·Published Dec 13, 2017

Thierry S.

We’re very excited to announce Stream 2.0 and complete multi-region support! The new version is built on Google’s Go programming language, as opposed to Python. However, it’s important to note that Python is still used to power the machine learning for Stream’s personalized feeds. We believe this will increase reliability, scalability and overall platform performance. We’ve also made improvements and updates to developer documentation in order to help our customers create excellent experiences through feed and activity stream functionality.

We also added additional geographical locations from which our customers can run their feed functionality on Stream’s API. Customers can now choose from US East, Ireland, Tokyo and Singapore. These additions allows developers all around the globe to optimize for network latency by mapping their usage to the region closest to their users.

For more details, take a look at the press release.

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